Last Updated International Journal Publications

  1. Chantarachindawong R, Luangtip W, Chindaudom P, Osotchan T, Srikhirin T*. Development of the scratch resistance on acrylic sheet with basic colloidal silica (SiO 2)-methyltrimethoxysilane (MTMS) nanocomposite films by sol-gel technique. Can J Chem Eng 2012 Aug;90(4):888-96.
  2. Jaroentomeechai T, Yingsukkamol PK, Phurat C, Somsook E, Osotchan T, Ervithayasuporn V*. Synthesis and Reactivity of Nitrogen Nucleophiles-Induced Cage-Rearrangement Silsesquioxanes. Inorg Chem 2012 Nov;51(22):12266-72.
  3. Kladsomboon S, Kerdcharoen T. A method for the detection of alcohol vapours based on optical sensing of magnesium 5,10,15,20-tetraphenyl porphyrin thin film by an optical spectrometer and principal component analysis. Analytica Chimica Acta 2012;757:75-82.
  4. Kladsomboon S, Lutz M, Pogfay T, Puntheeranurak T, Kerdcharoen T*. Hybrid optical-electrochemical electronic nose system based on Zn-porphyrin and multi-walled carbon nanotube composite. J Nanosci Nanotechnol 2012 Jul;12(7):5240-4.
  5. Kusamran S, Srongprapa A, Pruttivarasin T, Kittara P, Prachyabrued W, Pratontep S*, Trivej P. Theoretical and experimental problems at IPhO 42 in Thailand. Eur J Phys 2012 Nov;33(6):S1-S15.
  6. Mensing JP, Kerdcharoen T*, Sriprachuabwong C, Wisitsoraat A, Phokharatkul D, Lomas T, Tuantranont A*. Facile preparation of graphene-metal phthalocyanine hybrid material by electrolytic exfoliation. J Mater Chem 2012;22(33):17094-9.
  7. Menzel A, Subannajui K, Bakhda R, Wang Y, Thomann R, Zacharias M*. Tuning the growth mechanism of ZnO nanowires by controlled carrier and reaction gas modulation in thermal CVD. J Phys Chem Lett 2012 Oct 4;3(19):2815-21. (Review)
  8. Naowarat S*, Thongjaem P, Tang IM. Effect of mosquito repellent on the transmission model of chikungunya fever. Amer J Appl Sci 2012;9(4):563-9.
  9. Pattanasiri B*, Li YW, Landau DP, Wust T. Wang–Landau simulations of adsorbed and confined lattice proteins. Int J Mod Phys C 2012 Aug;23(8):1240008.
  10. Rakkapao S*, Prasitpong S, Arayathanitkul K. Recording artificial earthquake wave signals using a detector model. Phys Educ 2012;47(3):266-8.
  11. Rappazzo AF*, Matthaeus WH, Ruffolo D, Servidio S, Velli M. Interchange reconnection in a turbulent corona. Astrophys J Lett 2012 Oct;758(1):L14.
  12. Rugmai S*, Sirisathitkul C, Chokprasombat K, Rangsanga P, Harding P, Srikhirin T, Jantaratana P. Small-angle X-ray scattering spectra of iron-based magnetic fluids. Mater Tehnol 2012 Jul;46(4):369-73.
  13. Soodchomshom B*, Tang IM, Hoonsawat R. Anisotropic supercurrent in strained graphene josephson junction. J Supercond Nov Magn 2012 Aug;25(6):1787-1794.
  14. Subannajui K, Güder F, Danhof J, Menzel A, Yang Y, Kirste L, Wang C, Cimalla V, Schwarz U, Zacharias M. An advanced fabrication method of highly ordered ZnO nanowire arrays on silicon substrates by atomic layer deposition. Nanotechnology 2012 Jun;23(23):235607.
  15. Subannajui K, Wongchoosuk C, Ramgir N, Wang C, Yang Y, Hartel A, Cimalla V, Zacharias M. Photoluminescent and gas-sensing properties of ZnO nanowires prepared by an ionic liquid assisted vapor transfer approach. J Appl Phys 2012 Aug;112(3):034311.
  16. Suewattana M*, Singh DJ, Limpijumnong S. Crystal structure and cation off-centering in Bi(Mg1/2Ti1/2)O3. Phys Rev B 2012 Aug;86(6):064105.
  17. Tan BK, Leech J, Yassin G*, Kittara P, Tacon M, Wangsuya S, Groppi C. A high performance 700 GHz feed horn. J Infrared Milli Terahz Waves 2012 Jan;33(1):1-5.
  18. Tanamatayarat J, Arayathanitkul K*, Emarat N, Chitaree R, Sujarittham T. Surveying Thai freshmen science students’ background knowledge of basic properties of laser beam. Lat Am J Phys Educ 2012 Jun;6(2):177-86.
  19. Thaomola S, Tongraar A*, Kerdcharoen T. Insights into the structure and dynamics of liquid water: A comparative study of conventional QM/MM and ONIOM-XS MD simulations. J Mole Liq 2012 Oct;174:26-33.

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