Nanotechnology Research


To advance fundamental knowledge and technical know-how in the field of nanoscience and nanotechnology, especially to build 3 strategic capabilities that are essential for success in nanotechnology : namely [1] synthesis and fabrication capability [2] characterization and measurement capability and [3] modeling and simulation capability. The Nano-Center will bring scientists from different disciplines to work on several well selected directions.

Research activities

  • Nanodevice Engineering : Biomedical Sensor, Organic Light, Molecular Electronics, Aritificial Olfactory System, Organic Solar Cell
  • Nanomaterials : Nonoparticles and Quantum Dots, Surface Treatments, Polymer-clay Nano-composites, Carbon Nanotubes
  • Bio-Nanoscience : Molecualar Biophysics of Protein Channel, Biomimetics and Membrane-Protein Interactions