Condensed Matter Physics Research


Our mathematical physics research group engages in various physical systems and has strong links with the cosmology group in the Physics Department at Chulalongkorn University, and Astrophysics Group at Oxford University, England. We place our emphasis on investigations of detectors used in astrophysics. This includes horn feed and superconducting-detector designs. Theories and some software packages have been developed for analyzing non-linear behavior of superconducting mixers. On another front, we are looking at non-commutative cosmology and cosmic microwave background (CMB). We have initiated our collaboration with the Astrophysics Group at Oxford who is building CMB polarization detectors. A wealth of data about the early universe can be gathers from such detectors. We are hoping to analyze some of the data.

Research activities

  • Horn feed designs
  • Superconducting mixer simulations
  • Superconducting transmission lines
  • SIS mixer design
  • Non-commutative cosmology
  • CMB data analysis