Biophysics Research


The biophysics group is an interdisciplinary collaboration of physicists, chemists, mathematician,  biochemists, biophathologist, nanologist,  and technicians. Our Biophysics Research focuses on various areas of biological systems spanning the molecular, cellular, tissue and human levels, mostly at the molecular and cellular level. A wide range of topics covers length scales from Ångstrøms to meters and timescales from femtoseconds to the age of the universe using a large variety of experimental and theoretical approaches. Many areas of biology and medicine is being experimentally investigated. At the same time, developments in statistical mechanics and dynamical systems have driven us to address theoretical questions posed by more complex systems. Our work is animated by the belief that, as in other areas of physics, the striking qualitative phenomena of life should have correspondingly deep theoretical explanations, and that this understanding ultimately will be tested by a new generation of quantitative experiments

More specifically, Basic research activities comprise experimental works  concerning effects of  nano-particles, UV and magnetic field  on biological systems such as Leptospira bacteria, fish cells, cancer cells and protein oscillations.  Our efforts are also  devoted to the mathematical  and computational works on protein oscillations and signal transductions.  Our biophysics research group   is developed and collaborate with nanoscience and nanotech center, National Cancer institute and other universities both in Thailand and other universities and institutes all over world.

Research activities

  • Effects of magnetic field on Leptospira interrogans
  • Effects of UV on Leptospira interrogans
  • Nano-toxicity
  • Biophysics of cancer research
  • Dynamics of proteins oscillations
  • AFM probe development
  • Signal Transductions