Name : Weerachai Siripunvaraporn

Degree : B.Sc. (Hons.),

Ph.D.(Geophysics), Oregon State University, U.S.A.

Office : Room P407A

Tel : 0 2201 5764, 0 2201 5770

E-mail :

WebPage :

Research Interest : Computational geophysics, geophysical inverse problems, Electromagnetic Induction of the Earth, Data Processing, Geomagnetism

Selected Publications :

  1. Siripunvaraporn W*. Three-dimensional magnetotelluric inversion: An introductory guide for developers and users. Sur Geophys 2012;33(1):5-27(Review)
  2. Siripunvaraporn W*Sarakorn W. An efficient data space conjugate gradient Occam's method for three-dimensional magnetotelluric inversion. Geophys J Int 2011 Aug;186(2):567-79.
  3. Rung-Arunwan T*, Siripunvaraporn W. An efficient modified hierarchical domain decomposition for two-dimensional magnetotelluric forward modelling. Geophys J Int 2010 Nov;183(2):634-644.
  4. Vachiratienchai C, Boonchaisuk S, Siripunvaraporn W*. A hybrid finite difference-finite element method to incorporate topography for 2D direct current (DC) resistivity modeling. Phys Earch Plannet In 2010 Dec;183(3-4):426-34.
  5. Siripunvaraporn W*, Egbert G. WSINV3DMT: Vertical magnetic field transfer function inversion and parallel implementation. Phys Earth Planet In 2009 April;173(3-4):317-29.
  6. Boonchaisuk S, Vachiratienchai C, Siripunvaraporn W*. Two-dimensional direct current (DC) resistivity inversion: Data space Occam's approach. Phys Earth Planet In Jul 2008;168(3-4):204-11.
  7. Kalscheuer T*, Pedersen LB, Siripunvaraporn W. Radiomagnetotelluric two-dimensional forward and inverse modelling accounting for displacement currents. Geophys J Int Nov 2008;175(2):486-514.
  8. Siripunvaraporn W*, Egbert G. Data space conjugate gradient inversion for 2-D magnetotelluric data. Geophysical J Int Sep 2007;170(3):986-94.
  9. Tuncer V, Unsworth MJ, Siripunvaraporn W, Crave JA. Exploration for unconformity-type uranium deposits with audiomagnetotelluric data: A case study from the McArthur River mine, Saskatchewan, Canada. Geophysics Nov-Dec 2006;71(6):B201-B209.
  10. Siripunvaraporn W*, Egbert G, Lenbury Y, Uyeshima M. Three-dimensional magnetotelluric inversion: data-space method. Phys Earth Planet In May 2005;150(1-3):3-14.
  11. Siripunvaraporn W*, Egbert G, Uyeshima M. Interpretation of two-dimensional magnetotelluric profile data with three-dimensional inversion: synthetic examples. Geophys J Int Mar 2005;160(3):804-14.
  12. Siripunvaraporn W, Uyeshima M, Egbert G. Three-dimensional inversion for network-magnetotelluric data. Earth Planets Space Aug 2004;56(9):893-902.
  13. Siripunvaraporn W, Egbert G, Lenbury Y. Numerical accuracy of magnetotelluric modeling: A comparison of finite difference approximations. Earth Planets Space 2002;54(6):721-5.
  14. Siripunvaraporn W, Egbert G. An efficient data-subspace inversion method for 2-D magnetotelluric data. Geophysics 2000;65(3):791-803.

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