Name : Wannapong Triampo

Degree : B.Sc. (Physics), M.Sc. (Mathematics), M.Sc. (Physics),

Ph.D.(Physics), Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, U.S.A.

Office : Room R3/1, 3th floor, Science Building at Salaya Campus

Tel :0 2441 9816 ext. 1131

E-mail :

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Research Interest : Computational physics, non-equilibrium system, physics in biological and medical system

Selected Publications :

  1. Chadsuthi SModchang CLenbury Y, Iamsirithaworn S, Triampo W*. Modeling seasonal leptospirosis transmission and its association with rainfall and temperature in Thailand using time-series and ARIMAX analyses. Asian Pac J Trop Med 2012 Jul;5(7):539-46.
  2. Modchang C, Iamsirithaworn S, Auewarakul P, Triampo W*. A modeling study of school closure to reduce influenza transmission: A case study of an influenza A (H1N1) outbreak in a private Thai school. Math Comput Model 2012 Feb;55(3-4):1021-33.
  3. Schreier SDoungchawee GTriampo D, Wangroongsarb P, Hartskeerl RA, Triampo W*. Development of a magnetic bead fluorescence microscopy immunoassay to detect and quantify Leptospira in environmental water samples. Acta Trop 2012 Apr;122(1):119-25.
  4. Wanichsan D, Panjaburee P*, Laosinchai P, Triampo W, Chookaew S. A majority-density approach to developing testing and diagnostic systems with the cooperation of multiple experts based on an enhanced concept–effect relationship model. Expert Syst Appl 2012 Jul;39(9):8380-8.
  5. Aroonnual SNgamsaad WKanthang PNuttawut NTriampo W*Triampo D, Krittanai C. Spatial distributions and energy landscape of MinE protein dynamics via the biophysical spot tracking technique. Int J Phys Sci 2011 Aug;6(15):3795-3806.
  6. Kanthang P, Ngamsaad W, Nuttavut NTriampo W*Triampo D, Krittanai C. Biophysical approach for studying the MinD protein dynamics and energy landscape: a novel use of the spot tracking technique. Eur Phys J-Appl Phys2011;55(1):11201.
  7. Modchang C*, Pimpunchat B, Triampo WTriampo DLenbury Y. Modeling and optimization of G-protein coupled receptor signal transduction. Far East J Math Sci2011 Jun;53(1):17-33.
  8. Ngamsaad W, May S*, Wagner AJ, Triampo W. Pinning of domains for fluid-fluid phase separation in lipid bilayers with asymmetric dynamics. Soft Matter 2011;7(6):2848-57.
  9. Precharattana MNokkeaw ATriampo W*Triampo DLenbury Y. Stochastic cellular automata model and Monte Carlo simulations of CD4+ T cell dynamics with a proposed alternative leukapheresis treatment for HIV/AIDS. Comput Biol Med2011 Jul;41(7):546-58.
  10. Schreier S, Doungchawee G, Chadsuthi S, Triampo D, Triampo W*. Evaluation of zero-length cross-linking procedure for immuno-magnetic separation of Leptospira. Biologia 2011;66(1):8-17.
  11. Sudprasert K, Precharattana M, Nuttavut N, Triampo D, Pattanasiri B, Lenbury Y, Triampo W. Non-equilibrium statistical mechanics of a driven lattice gas model: Probability function, FDT-violation, and Monte Carlo simulations. Int J Comput Math Sci 2011 Mar;5(2):84-92.
  12. Baowan D, Triampo D, Triampo W*. Modeling of titania nanoparticle accumulation at the open end of single-walled carbon nanotubes prior to TiO2 Encapsulation. J Comput Theor Nanosci 2010 Oct;7(10):1926-30.
  13. Chadsuthi S, Wong-ekkabut J, Triampo W*, Doungchawee G, Triampo D. Comparison of the effects of UV-A radiation on Leptospira interrogan serovar Bataviae, Canicola and Pomona. African J Biotechnol 2010 May;9(21):3196-3206.
  14. Modchang C, Nadkarni S, Bartol TM, Triampo W, Sejnowski TJ, Levine H, Rappel WJ*. A comparison of deterministic and stochastic simulations of neuronal vesicle release models. Phys Biol 2010 May 26;7(2):026008.
  15. Moonchai S, Lenbury Y*, Triampo W. Cellular automata simulation modeling of HIV infection in Lymph Node and peripheral blood compartments. Int J Math Comput Simul 2010;4(4):124-134.
  16. Ngamsaad W, Kanthang P, Modchang C, Sriyab S, Triampo W*. The effect of boundary conditions on the mesoscopic lattice Boltzmann method: Case study of a reaction–diffusion based model for Min-protein oscillation. Appl Math Comput 2010 Nov;217(6):2339-347.
  17. Panjaburee P, Hwang GJ, Triampo W*, Shih BY. A multi-expert approach for developing testing and diagnostic systems based on the concept-effect model. Comput Educ 2010 Sep;55(2):527-40.
  18. Precharattana M, Triampo W, Modchang C, Triampo D, Lenbury Y*. Investigation of spatial pattern formation involving CD4+ T cells in HIV/AIDS dynamics by a stochastic cellular automata model. Int J Math Comput Simul 2010;4(4):135-43.
  19. Rattanakul C*, Lenbury Y, Kongson J, Triampo W. The dynamics of a nonlinear model of signal transduction in human under impulsive depressant drug treatment. Dyn Syst Appl 2010 Sep-Dec;19(3-4):651-66.
  20. Yojina J, Ngamsaad W, Nuttavut N, Triampo D, Lenbury Y, Kanthang P, Sriyab S, Triampo W*. Investigating flow patterns in a channel with complex obstacles using the lattice Boltzmann method. J Mech Sci Technol 2010 Oct;24(10):2025-34.
  21. Yojina J, Ngamsaad W, Nuttavut N, Triampo D, Lenbury Y, Triampo W*, Kanthang P, Sriyab S. More realistic model for simulating min protein dynamics: Lattice boltzmann method incorporating the role of nucleoids. Int J Comput Math Sci 2010;4(4):177-182.
  22. Baowan D, Triampo W*, Triampo D. Encapsulation of TiO2 nanoparticles into single-walled carbon nanotubes. New J Phys 2009 Sep;11:093011.
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  24. Ngamsaad W, Yojina J, Kanthang P, Modchang C, Krittanai C, Triampo D, Nuttawut N, Triampo W*. Quantitative approach of Min protein researches and applications: Experiments, mathematical modeling and computer simulations. Afr J Biotechnol 2009 Dec;8(25):7350-7362. (Review)
  25. Pimpunchat B, Sweatman WL, Wake GC, Triampo W, Parshotam A. A mathematical model for pollution in a river and its remediation by aeration. Appl Math Lett 2009 Mar;22(3):304-8.
  26. Rattanakul C, Sungkaworn T, Lenbury Y*, Chudoung M, Chatsudthipong V, Triampo W, Novaprateep B. Nonlinear spatiotemporal analysis and modeling of signal transduction pathways involving G protein coupled receptors. Int J Math Model Methods Appl Sci 2009;3(3):219-229.
  27. Schreier S, Triampo W*, Doungchawee G, Triampo D, Chadsuthi S.Leptospirosis research: fast, easy and reliable enumeration of mobile leptospires. Biol Res 2009;42(2):5-12.
  28. Sriyab S, Yojina J, Ngamsaad W, Kanthang P, Modchang C, Nuttavut N, Lenbury Y, Krittanai C, Triampo W*. Mesoscale modeling technique for studying the dynamics oscillation of Min protein: Pattern formation analysis with lattice Boltzmann method . Comput Biol Med 2009 May;39(5):412-24.
  29. Termnak S, Triampo W, Triampo D*. Effect of acid during synthesis on the agglomerated strength of TiO2 nanoparticles. J Ceram Process Res 2009 Aug;10(4):491-496.
  30. Unai S, Kanthang P, Junthon U, Ngamsaad W, Triampo W*, Modchang C, Krittanai C. Quantitative analysis of time-series fluorescence microscopy using a spot tracking method: application to Min protein dynamics. Biologia 2009 Aug;64(1):27-42.
  31. Wisitsorasak A, Triampo W, Triampo D, Modchang C, Lenbury Y*. Investigating the heterodimerization process among receptors by Monte Carlo cellular automaton simulation. Int J Math Model Method Appl Sci 2009;3(4):335-45.
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  35. Modchang C, Triampo W*, Kanthang P, Junthorn U, Unai S, Ngamsaad W, Nuttavut N, Triampo D, Lenbury Y. Stochastic modeling of external electric field effect on Escherichia coli Min protein dynamics. J Korean Phys Soc Aug 2008;53(2):851-862.
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  38. Sroiraya S, Triampo W, Morales NP, Triampo D*. Kinetics and mechanism of hydroxyl radical formation studied via electron spin resonance for photocatalytic nanocrystalline titania: Effect of particle size distribution, concentration, and agglomeration. J Ceram Process Res 2008;9(2):146-54.
  39. Wong-Ekkabut J, Baoukina S, Triampo W, Tang IM, Tieleman DP, Monticelli L*. Computer simulation study of fullerene translocation through lipid membranes. Nat Nanotechnol Jun 2008;3(6):363-368.
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