Name : Asawin Sinsarp

Degree : B.Sc. (Physics), M.Sc. (Applied Physics),

Ph.D.(Engineering), University of Tsukuba, Japan

Office : Room P404

Tel : 0 2201 5730, 0 2201 5770

E-mail :

Research Interest :

Selected Publications :

  1. Yokoyama Y, Sinsarp A, Yamada Y*, Asaoka H, Sasaki M. Ordering of C60 on one-dimensional template of single-domain Ge(110)-16×2 and Si(110)-16×2 surfaces.Appl Phys Express 2012;5(2):025203.
  2. Sinsarp A*, Manago T, Takano F, Akinaga H. Electrical spin injection from an iron-rich iron-platinum thin film into gallium arsenide. J Nonlinear Opt Physics Mar 2008;17(1):105-9.

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