About Computational Materials Design (CMD)

Computational materials design (CMD®) is a computational approach aimed at developing new materials with specific properties and functionalities. The main ingredient is the use of quantum simulations to design a material with the desired specifications. With this approach, one can design the new materials from the first principle, alias a bottom-up approach. For example, the basic understanding of giant magneto-resistant effect can be easily explained within this approach. Effects from different rearrangements or structure of the alternating layers of magnetic and nonmagnetic layers can also be followed at disposal. Thus, CMD has a high potential to help designing new material and put the newly-designed material into practical work. CMD® includes a number of computational modules to suit the various requirements, e.g., adsorptions of vapour on solid surface may requires a long approaching distance with van de Waals force prior to actual physic-sorption of the same force and finally to chemi-sorption of stronger covalent bonding to spin-spin interactions between atoms inside the highly-ordered iron-chromium structure.  The workshop also has very strong objective to let participants to master quantum simulations techniques with their own hands. Following the first successful workshop in Bangkok, Center for Nanoscience and Nanotechnology and Department of Physics, Faculty of Science, Mahidol University in cooperation with Institute for Nano-Science and Design (INSD), Quantum Engineering Design Research Institute (QEDRI) and Department of Physics, Osaka University will organize the second Asia CMD® Workshop in Bangkok, Thailand, again this year. This workshop will provide lectures on a number of cutting-edge researches in computational material design as well as hands-on practical training on quantum simulation. The invited speakers are top experts in this field.



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