Our department provides central core facility, which is accessible to all of our members. In addition to departmental facility, there are a number of state-of-the-art equipments available at Central Instrument Facility. The list of equipments is shown below.

1. Blood flow measurement equipments

2. Deep freezers 3. Ussing chamber systems 4. Real-time PCR machines

5. Plate readers 6. PCR machine 7. Beta counter

8. Sonicator 9. Tissue culture room 10. Autoclave
11. Temperature-controlled high-speed centrifuge machines 12. Spectrophotometer 13. Blow Flow Mecesurment Machine
14. Liquid Nitrogen Tank 15. Inverted microscope  

16. Bioelectrical impedance analysis systems 17. Tissue homogenizer  

The Center for Instrument Facility (CIF)