Presently, we have academic staff with 3 M.D. Ph.D., 15 Ph.D., 2 M.D. degrees and one senior researcher which are responsible for teaching undergraduate and graduate students. In addition, we have 2 scientists and 7 administrative and supportive staff to provide academic and student supports. The total number of bachelor deegree students, approaching 1,500 per year, consists of second year medical and paramedical students, and nursing student. The current number of graduate students at M.Sc. and Ph.D. levels of our department are more than 70 students.


Teaching Staff

Professor 6 persons (Emeritus Professor=2 persons)
Assoc.Prof. 4 persons
Assist.Prof. 5 persons
Lecturer 3 persons
(Doing Ph.D./Postdoc. Abroad 2 persons)

Supporting Staff

2 persons
Administrative Officer
7 persons

Teaching load (Bachelor Degree)

Medical Student 300 - 400 persons
- Ramathibodi Medical Students
- Praboromarajchanok Students
- Bangkok Metropolitan Medical Students

Paramedical Science Students 1,000-1,100 persons
- Nursing Student
- Physical Therapy Students
- Medical Technology Students
- Medical Engineering Students
- Radiology Students
- Public Health Students
- Communication Disorders Students

Graduate Degree Programs of the Department

- M.Sc. Physiology
- Ph.D. Physiology
- M.Sc. Exercise Physiology
- Ph.D. Exercise Science

Multidisciplinary Degree Program

- M.Sc. Toxicology
- Ph.D. Toxicology
- Ph.D. Molecular Medicine

Graduate students

- Ph.D. Physiology 25
- M.Sc. Physiology 12
- Ph.D. Exercise Science 9
- M.Sc. Exercise Physiology 13
- M.Sc., Ph.D. Toxicology and Molecular Medicine 15
Total 74