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Name of the Degrees
Master of Science (M.Sc. in Pathobiology)

Curriculum Objectives
The curriculum is designed to prepare students for a professional career in the area of Pathobiological science emphasize
on the basic principles of cell injury at the tissue cellular, and subcellular levels and the pathogenesis of diseases. After the completion of the program, graduate students will be able to carry out their own research effectively as well as to develop their future careers.

Admission Requirements & Selection Method
M.Sc. Program
     a. Thai/foreign applicants must hold a bachelor degree in Biological Science, Veterinary Medicine, Pharmacy, Dentistry,
  Medical Technology and Biochemistry or related fields with the minimum Grade Point Average (GPA) of 2.50 (from 4.0 scale)
      b. Applicants are required to take a written examination offered by the Faculty of Graduate Studies. Those who pass the examination will be interviewed by the departmental graduate program committees.
      c. Exemptions to the above criteria may be made by the departmental graduate program committees.

Written and oral examination

Academic System
Two semesters with summer sessions.
Language : English

Duration of Study

M.Sc. : 2.5-3 years

Registration & Credit Transfer
Registration requirements are according to University announcement. Master degrees from accredited institutes earned
within five years of enrollment date will be able to transfer credit based on case by case basis, with the approval from curriculum committee or course adviser.

      - Associate Professor Dr. Wannee Jiraungkoorskul
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      - Lecturer Dr. Pornthip Chaichompoo
        M.Sc. Program Director
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      - Department of Pathobiology
        Faculty of Science, Mahidol University, Rama VI Road, Bangkok 10400, Thailand
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      - Faculty of Graduate Studies Mahidol University
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