Topic Lecturer Hand-Out
L1-Introduction to cellular pathology ANJ
L2-Ischemic and hypoxic cell injury WJ
L3-Pigments and tissue deposits under pathologic conditions NC
L4-Mechanisms of cell injury: Free radicals PS
L5-Mechanisms of cell injury: Loss of calcium homeostasis ANJ
L6-Mechanisms of cell injury: Mitochondrial damage and ATP depletion PC
L7-Mechanisms of cell injury: Defect in membrane permeability NK  
L8-Cellular Pathology from chemical and physical injuries WJ
L9-Cellular Pathology of cancer PS
L10-Cellular Pathology of immunological disorder WP
L11-Cellular Pathology of parasitic infection NK
L12-Cellular Pathology of fungal infection SN
L13-Cellular Pathology of viral infection PC
L14-Cellular Pathology of bacterial infection YN
L15-Cellular mechanisms of aging WP
Lecturer :
ANJ = Assistant Prof Amornrat Jensen, Ph.D
NC = Nisamanee Chareonchon, Ph.D
NK = Niwat Kangwanrangsan, Ph.D
PC = Assistant Prof Pornthip Chaichompoo, Ph.D
PS = Associate Prof Prasit Suwannalert, Ph.D
SN = Somphong Narkpinit, M.D.
WJ = Associate Prof Wannee Jiraungkoorskul, Ph.D
WP = Witchuda Payuhakrit, Ph.D
YN = Yaowarin Nakornpakdee, Ph.D

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