Topic Lecturer Hand-Out
L1-Introduction, theory of aging (Biology and genetic of aging) WP
L2-Aging of nervous system
L3-Aging of Musculoskeletal system and rehabilitation SV
L4-Aging of circulatory system TB
L5-Aging of skin system SN
L6-Diet nutrition for aging and the future and Caloric restriction WJ
L7-Immune system and Aging WP
L8-Aging of endocrine NK
    L8 << Add 1 >> NK
    L8 << Add 2 >> NK
L9-Homeopathy and alternative medicine, Longevity,
    health and functioning
    L9 << Add >> AS
L10-Stem cell therapy and aging PC
Lecturer :
AS = Ariya Sarikaphuti, Pharm, Ph.D
NK = Niwat Kangwanrangsan, Ph.D
PC = Assistant Prof Pornthip Chaichompoo, Ph.D
PD = Associate Professor Permphan  Dharmasaroja, M.D., Ph.D
SN = Somphong Narkpinit, M.D.
SV = Sivaporn Vongpipatana, M.D.
TB = Associate Professor Tepmanas Bupha-intr, M.D.
WP = Witchuda Payuhakrit, Ph.D
WJ = Associate Professor Wannee Jiraungkoorskul, Ph.D

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