Submission Instruction

In order to submit the abstract to the conference, please follow instruction below:

Step 1 Prepare your abstract by using the following template.
Step 2 Create the online registration account and upload your prepared abstract using this account.
Step 3 Wait for the result from the reviewer, your abstract may be accepted, revision needed or rejected.
Step 4 After your abstract has been accepted, please login to the registration acount again, print the payment slip and transfer the registration fee within the deadlines, unless your abstract will not be published on our conference book.
Full paper If you want to send your full paper, please use the template and the instruction below:
  • ICAG2017_FULLPAPER_template.tex and after compile your fullpaper should look like this ICAG2017_FULLPAPER_template.pdf.
  • Combine and compress all needed file, e.g. images, included file, bibtex file, etc. all in to one zip file before upload to our system.
  • Please naming your file carefully, the naming guidelines are in the comment section of the template, otherwise your uploaded file might not be able to upload to the conference server.