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Dr.Adisak Romsang

  K 610

Dr.Adisak Romsang has completed his Ph.D. in Biotechnology from Mahidol University in 2013 with a GPA of 3.94 (Deanís List Award) under a Thailand Research Fundís Royal Golden Jubilee scholarship program. He was under supervision of Prof. Skorn Mongkolsuk with the thesis entitled ďProtein repair systems during oxidative stress in Pseudomonas aeruginosaĒ. His work is focusing on physiological analysis and genomic regulatory response of genes involved in cellular stress management, particular in plant-pathogenic and human-pathogenic bacteria, Xanthomonas campestris and Pseudomonas aeruginosa, respectively. This interesting research area inspired him to consequently pursue as a researcher under Prof. Skorn Mongkolsukís project at Laboratory of Biotechnology, Chulabhorn Research Institute until May, 2015 before start working here. His research works have been published in international peer-reviewed journals including Molecular Microbiology, International Journal of Antimicrobial Agents, Journal of Bacteriology, and PLOS One.

During his Ph.D. life, he have worked at Center for Emerging Bacterial Infections, Faculty of Science, Mahidol University and at Laboratory of Biotechnology, Chulabhorn Research Institute in Thailand. He also have great opportunities to do research at Prof. John D. Helmannís laboratory, Department of Microbiology, Cornell University in USA, working on Bacillus subtilis molecular genetics and biochemistry in the project named Bacillithiol and metal stress response in 2012. In the end of November 2012, he has visited at Prof. Herbert P. Schweizerís laboratory, Department of Microbiology, Colorado State University in USA, training on fosmid library construction in pathogenic bacterium, Burkhoderia pseudomallei. Moreover, he has done a senior project at School of Biological Science, Flinders University in South Australia, working on genetics and recombination occurred in model fungus Neurospora crassa in 2008. Although his experiences was almost related to several microorganisms, he has trained in Bioassay Laboratory, BIOTEC, NSTDA, Thailand, working on animal cell culture, optimization growth and differentiation conditions, and screening anti-diabetic compounds from fungal crude extracts in 2007. Dr. Adisak have presented his research works in several scientific conferences both in Thailand and in abroad such as the Gordon Research Conference 2012 at Mount Holyoke College, Massachusetts, USA and the Pseudomonas Conference 2013 at University of Lausanne, Lausanne, Switzerland. He got several awards such as Awards for Graduates with Distinctions, Academic Year 2013 (DEAN'S LIST) from the Faculty of Graduate Studies, Mahidol University, Thailand; Best Oral Presentation Award in the 2nd ASEAN Plus Three Graduate Research Congress (AGRC), S31 Sukhumvit Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand; and Outstanding Oral Presentation Award in RGJ-Ph.D. Congress XII, Thailand Research Fund, Jomtien Palm Beach Resort, Pattaya, Chonburi, Thailand.

His currently research extends to characterize the novel mechanisms of antibiotic resistance in the pathogenic bacteria using DNA recombinant techniques and genetic tools to isolate bacterial genes that are involved in drug resistance and to engineer the new peptides for targeting these genes or gene products. These can aim to the discovery of new drug targets and the identification of novel bioactive compounds. Moreover, he also focus on gene characterization that contributes to bacterial pathogenesis for understanding the bacterial defense mechanisms against host immune responses. This will provide useful insights that can lead to the development of more effective drugs for the treatment of infections caused by these bacteria.

Dr.Teerarat Likitwattanasade

  BT 102

Dr.Teerarat received her Doctorate degree in Food Science from The Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio, USA in 2015. Her thesis entitled ďThe changes in food coating characteristics during coating a powder mixture and salting potato chips nonelectrostatically and electrostaticallyĒ. Her research involves improving food coating performance through the application of electrostatics and understanding physical and chemical changes during electrostatic coating. She also has some experiences with a production of tomato powder using solid-liquid separation technique and flavor analysis using selective ion flow tube mass spectrometry (SIFT-MS). 

Before she got a Thai government scholarship (Ministry of Science and Technology) to pursue her Ph.D. abroad, she had studied for her master degree at Kasetsart University, majoring Food Science. Her research involves understanding the effect of storage protein on functional properties of rice. Her current interest is in the areas of food processing, fruits and vegetables processing, electrostatic coating, non-thermal processing and functional proteins.




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