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Master of Science in Biotechnology
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Doctor of Philosophy in Biotechnology
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Double Doctor of Philosophy in Biotechnology - Horticulture
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    - Asst.Prof. Siripong Thitamadee
- Asso.Prof. Jarunya Narankajavana
- Dr. Nuttawee Niamsiri
- Asst.Prof. Somchai Chuavacharin
- Prof. Watanalai Panbangred
- Asst.Prof. Punchapat Sojikul
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Expected learning outcomes (ELOs) are requirements that students must achieve by graduation. They can be achieved by incremental attainment over the duration of courses in the program. Basing on the vision and mission of Mahidol University and Faculty of Science, Mahidol University, the program objectives ELOs are clearly designed with feedback from all stakeholders including labor market, alumni, graduates, academic staffs and students. ELOs cover the knowledge and intellectual, practical and transferable skills over 3 knowledge blocks of the program and help students to have right directions and awareness for self-studying in the learning process. ELOs are finalized among the lecturers, students and different stakeholders via meetings at the department level.

ELO1 Explain the general concepts and theories related to the field of biotechnology in systematic manner at international level.

ELO2 Conduct the research properly according to the international accepted methodology by following rules, guidelines, and regulations set by experts in the biotechnology fields as well as being aware of safety and potential benefits of research which will consequently affect people and environment.

ELO3 Survey, investigate, justify, analyse information to solve any problem systematically. Search and choose appropriate information to support their life-long learning.

ELO4 Conclude key biotechnology principles. Analyse and evaluation their knowledge with scientific information and evident together with applying their knowledge for their career.

ELO5 Design experiments to meet their research target by themselves

ELO6 Discuss and conclude their experimental results appropriately and suggest strategies or process for research improvement

ELO7  Collect, analyse and process scientific data together with utilising appropriate IT resources

ELO8  Use appropriate IT in order to survey and exchange scientific information in form of writing, lecturing, as well as discussion

ELO9 Be a good team leader and member. Have positive thought and motivation together with being open-mined when solving any problem sensibly.

ELO10 Demonstrate professional ethics and have sense of well-being and responsibility to their community and society

The relations between ELOs and Program educational objectives

Program educational objectives


Graduates are equipped with skills and knowledge for biotechnology industry, either for bioprocess industry or research and development. These include microbial industry, fermentation, food industry, genetics, plant technology and animal cell technology.


Graduates can take care of their responsibilities as well as being creative and passionate in learning or further study in order to improve knowledge, skills and ethical thinking in the area related to biotechnology.

ELO 9-10

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