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August 2009

Test your knowledge against our new installed quiz-based program. Have a look for our collection of quizzes. Find one for more that you like and have a go. Leave your comment after seeing your result or tell us what would you like to see more in the next quiz. -- [Link]
Biology 2 is now available.
July 31, 2009

Our long wait is over. The Biology II textbook 2009 edition is now available at SC3-306, Salaya. It is bigger and heavier with 577 pages and a price tag of 300 Baht (from 350 on the cover). Including the chapters on diversity of life, reproduction, develpment and animal physiology. Given that its previous edition has been sold out for sometime. If you miss this one, it will be another two years for the new one to come out. Get it now while you can. -- [Link]
Seminar in Biology 2009

Seminar in Biology I gives 4th-year students in Biology opportunity to present their selected research paper to the class of both students and academic staff, questions and comments are welcome after the presentation. Seminar topics will be posted on the webboard (link provided) prior the presentation. -- [Link]
News and Events
Trends in Environmental Health 2009
June 27-28, 2009

Center of Excellence on Environmental Health, Toxicology and Management of Chemicals held a conference on the topic of trends in environmental health, toxicology and management of chemicals at CRI. Invited speakers gave us advise on the current trends and beyond. Students spent their time on poster section, group discussion and presentation. -- [Link]
Detoxification in Plants
June 22, 2009

As part of the graduate-level seminar course, Dr. Metha Meetam will give a special seminar on the topic of Molecular Mechanism of Heavy Metal and Xenobiotic Detoxification in Plants at 09:00-10:00 venue N506. All are welcome. -- [Link]
Biology Teacher Day 2009
June 18, 2009

Biology students held the Teacher Day ceremony, an important cultural event in Thai society, to pay respects to their role-model teachers, who are their educators and mentors, for their own and country future. -- [Link]
Mahidolwittayanusorn at Bio-Geo Path
June 8, 2009

Bio-Geo Path and a committee of the Science Garden at Mahidol Payathai hosted a group of highschool students from Mahidolwittayanusorn school. A welcome session was followed by a lecture on Bio-Geo Path history and plant evolution, followed by exploring evolution of life and geological changes in the Bio-Geo Path. -- [Link]
Orientation Day 2009
June 3, 2009

It was not the first time that students' parents were invited to our orientation day for the second-year students, but it is the first time they were invited to walk around our research laboratories, teaching facilities as well as meeting with academic staff who will be teaching their children. -- [Link]
Meeting on Science Teaching Improvement in University
May 25-26, 2009

Lecturers in Science and Mathematics across the country came to participate in a meeting for improving science and mathematics teaching in the university leve of Thailand at Chulalongkorn University. Group discussion followed the lecture on how to enhance learning capability by Aj.Bhinyo. -- [Link]
Biology Day 2009
May 23, 2009

The most successful year for our Biology Day 2009 in this year Presessional Science Camp 2009, the science camp that held before the beginning of the first academic term. We were able to cram plenty of activities inside, eventhough it was the last day of the camp. Aj.Rapee gave a lecture how to become a successful singer as well as having everyone sing a few songs at the end of the lecture. -- [Link]
Water Festival Day 2009
April 9, 2009

Ajarn Rapee took the job of being the master of ceremonies (MC) as usual in this colourful country song singing contest held in L-01 Mahidol Payathai as a special event in this year Water Festival (Songkran). -- [Link]
DPST Summer Camp
March 31, 2009

Some of our staff went to Chiangmai with DPST highschool students for the Summer Science Camp held every year. It's about time that our summer camp this year turned to the coldest summer camp to date in the DPST history. -- [Link]
How to Prepare for Study Aboard.
March 20, 2009

DPST students have more opportunities to go aboard pursuing their advance training in sciences and technology. With a number of graduates from aboard, the association of DPST students asked for their contributions by giving recommendations and advise to their younger generations. -- [Link]
Progress Report 2009
March 16, 2009

Biology graduate students that were at the third year or above need to present their progress of their studies. The event takes place every year to encourage the students to have their works evaluated by our own staff. -- [Link]
Biology Seminar in Rayong
March 25, 2009

A short trip from Bangkok, department of biology staff went to Rayong together for a summer break, renew bondings, and discussing about Performance Agreement (PA). -- [Link]
Group Meeting at Krua Apsorn
March 3, 2009

Occasionally, Department of Biology staff will went out for a short group meeting, usually over our lunch time. This visit to Krua Apsorn, Samsen Road, brought us closer to the finest of Thai cuisine. One of the most import Thai culture to be held in high respect. -- [Link]
40 Years Mahidol University
March 2, 2009

The 40th Anniversary of Mahidol University. The university held a special event at Salaya, including religion ceremony, paying respects to MU staff and special talk on the survival of anthropology in Thailand; followed by recognition event for outstanding employee in various categories. -- [Link]
Mechanism of Colony Formation
March 3, 2009

You are welcome to Dr. Richard H. Wagner's special seminar, who is a Senior Scientist, Konrad Lorenz Institute of Ethology, Austria, at Room N416, Tuesday March 3rd, 2009. 10.00-11.00 a.m. -- [Link]
God vs Evolution
March 12, 2009

The topic God vs Evolution for the special seminar of the Science Project Exhibition was chosen to celebrate the 200 years of Darwin, father of Evolutionary Biology. After all, it is also 150 years mark for his famous publication, On the Origin of Species. Do not miss the century-long debate between the two subject, register online now. -- [Link]
Science Project Exhibition
March 12,209

The 10th Science Project Exhibition will take place on Thursday the 12th of March 2009 at the Lecture Building, MU Payathai. The main focus remains the presentation, both in oral and poster format, of the science projects that our students have been working on for quite sometime to the others. -- [Link]
Biology Senior Project Presentation

Biology students will present the results from their senior projects in the seminar class of this academic term. Ten outstanding speakers will be chosen to represent the Department of Biology in the Science Project Exhibition 2009, that will take place on March 12, 2009. -- [Link]
On Being a Lab Examination

Your chance to see what really happened behind the scene at the final laboratory examination for 1st year students at Salaya. Models, specimen, photographs, or figures were chosen very carefully to become exam questions. Timely fashion for answering each item is unique, but it is also showed here that more time is needed before and after the examination. -- [Link]
Mahidol Academic Fair 2009
Feb. 6-7, 2009

This is probably the 2nd Academic Fair hold by the entire organization at Salaya Campus. It was a pleasant surprise to see students from various school came to visit our Openhouse section on SC3 and, probably, other exhibition across Salaya campus. I was told that they like to dissecting our frogs, making blood smear to see their own blood cells as well as making slides to observe cell division. Junior Science Club event went well, event a total blackout of electricity could not stop us from talking about Darwin's anniversary. -- [Link]
BioParty 2009
Feb. 4, 2009

Biology staff and students came to enjoy free lunch and entertaining games for the late new year party. Upon the students' request, we agreed to get together without hesitation. -- [Link]
Circulation Laboratory
Feb. 2, 2009

Respiration and Circulation Laboratory demonstration for the first-year students at MU Salaya took place at SC3 building as usual. This year we have bigger gold fish to do some experiment with. It was the last demonstration laboratory as well. The final examination will take place on Monday the 16th of February 2009. -- [Link]
Vessantara Sermon

The last incarnation of the lord Buddha as Maha Vessantara was delivered to the MUSC staff and students in the afternoon of Jan.28,2009 at the lecture building, Payathai. Those who worship all 13 chapters 1000 incantations will be met with success and peace. -- [Link]
SC Alumni's Charity Bowling

MUSC Alumni organised the Charity Bowling event at the Major Bowl, Major Rachayothin on Jan.18,2009. There were more than 40 teams participating in the competition, with the registration cost was 3,000 Baht per team. They were all invited to take another go at the bowling game in the second round, but I doubted that any teams would be eager for more bowling. -- [Link]
Payathai Network Sportsday

The first ever Payathai Network Sportsday event took place at the Sri Trung Thong square, the Faculty of Science. A number of participants came from various faculties nearby. The list could go on and I don\'t want to waste any of your time when we have some of the photographs to show you. -- [Link]
Major Fair 2009

Major Fair 2009 took place at Salaya once again. The general session introduced students to all available departments those can be chosen before the end of this term. Our department got entire L2-202 to ourselves. -- [Link]
Science Avenue 2009

Science Avenue for the National Children Day this year featuring a challenging activity called Prehistoric Rally. You will have to explore the whole 542 million years of history of life on the planet earth to decode the encrypted message and win the more important passport stamp. Download our worksheet here. -- [Link]
Bio Spirit 2008

It's only once a year that we will have a chance to play and cheer like this. Academic, supporting staff, and students gathered at the stand to show how good biology people are, at entertaining other people while other department take it seriously. -- [Link]
Biology Sportswear 2008

Just arrived from the factory, our sportday T-shirt is in cyano-green colour, blue insect trapped in the front and animal paws in the back. -- [Link]
New Year Ceremony

Religion ceremony as one of the new year event took place in the hall of the N building in the 4th floor. Sacred water everywhere. -- [Link]
Designing Contest

We ask the students to submit their design of our new sportswear. The winner will get a hefty 1,000 Bt for his or her creativity. Contact Khun Kanikar for detail. Deadline Nov.25,2008. -- [Link]
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