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Phytoremediation Laboratory

B413, Phytoremediation Laboratory studies plants and utilize them to clean up and stabilize the area contaminated with heavy metals such as lead and cadmium.

Study sites: Kanchanaburi

Staff: Prof. Maleeya, Asso. Prayad, Dr. Titinun, Dr. Choowong

Malacology Laboratory and Museum

B407, A vast collection of mollusks across Thailand stored here. Most of the works focus on mollusk diversity and its environmental issue.

Study sites: Estuaries, Central Thailand

Staff: Asso. Yoawalak
Environmental Microbiology Laboratory

Located at B405, Environmental Science Laboratory aims to find microorganisms that could be use to aid remediation process of areas contaminated with heavymetals or hydrocarbons.

Study sites: River systems, Central Thailand

Staff: Asso.Prayad, Dr.Choowong
Pollution and Toxicology Laboratory

Located at R404, This laboratory has their research activities centered around Asenic contamination issues. Phytoremediation is also applied to the affected area to improve living condition of the locals.

Study sites: Ronpiboon, Nakornsrithammarat

Staff: Prof.Pornsawan
Soil Microarthropods Laboratory

Located at N504, Cultures of soil arthropods were maintained in this laboratory for identification and further studies. These microarthropods provide indicator to soil pollution level and biodiversity of the area.

Study sites: Bangkok and its surrounding areas

Staff: Asst. Vacharobol
Aquatic Science Laboratory

R402 has its facilities dedicated to aquatic organisms such as seahorses, jellies, giant freshwater prawns among other.

Study sites: North-east rivers, gulf of Thailand

Staff: Asso. Praneet
Molecular Parasitology Laboratory

Located at B409, B411, We examine various aspects of giant fluke parasites using molecular and immunological techniques to study protein-protein interaction among others.

Study sites: Bangkok, North-east

Staff: Asso. Suksiri, Dr.Supeecha, Dr. Tavan

Next update: N400/6 Molecular Entomology and Cytogenetics Laboratory, N401 Developmental Biology Laboratory, N404 Cell & Molecular Biology, N405 Genetic Laboratory, N515 Plant Tissue Culture Laboratory, N505 Ecology and Conservation Laboratory, N503 Biology Research Facility, Central Laboratory
Teaching Laboratories
Firstyear Teaching Laboratory

For all students registered for SCBI 102 and SCBI 104, located at Salaya campus, Science Building 3. There are 4 teaching laboratories, each with 20 benches and fully equipped with CCTV sets and audio amplifier.

Staff: Nuttaphorn, Bamroong (MDL)
Microtechnique Laboratory

B403 is a teaching laboratory for SCBI 352 Microtechnique in Biology. Students who registered for this subject will be able to prepare permanent slides of various specimen types, using microtome to cut embeded speciment as well as staining with conventional dyes usually found in anatomical research.

Staff: Sombat
Payathai Campus

Second- to forth-years and graduate students will spend their studying and research time at Payathai Campus, Rama VI road, Rachadhavi Bangkok. Lecture hall is in the center of the photo, also know as spaceship building to student community.
Salaya Campus

Located on Puthamonthol IV road, it is the main campus for the firstyear students to spend their time learning fundamental sciences taught by faculty of science staffs. Accommodations are available for most students and plenty of food to choose throughout the academic terms.
Kanjanaburi Campus

Located in Tri Yok, Kanjanaburi Provice approximately 260km from Bangkok. Students in conservation biology programme will begin their second year and beyond here. Vibrant weather and clean air is a perfect conditon for studying. The campus has accommodations to support all the students and permanent staffs. However, food availibility and diversity is limited. Probably not habitable out of academic terms.
Department of Biology, Faculty of Science, Mahidol University
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