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research field manager - Chiang Rai

The Golden Triangle Asian Elephant Foundation (GTAEF) aims to help elephants that cant help themselves by working toward better models for welfare and conservation practice. This is achieved through research and education. We are looking to hire a research field manager interested in these lines of work and in managing elephant researchers in northern Thailand. The field manager would help manage a research program operated from GTAEFs elephant facility in the Golden Triangle, studying elephant behavior and intelligence. As the field manager, you will be integrally involved in day-to-day research operations and responsible for managing a team of research assistants. You will have up-close-and-personal contact with elephants in a safe environment on a daily basis, and will be responsible for coordinating all research activities with the elephant facility staff. We are looking for a full-time field manager willing to commit to at least 1 year of living in the Golden Triangle, Chiang Saen, Chiang Rai.

Job description:

The field manager will be responsible for overseeing a team of at least four, English-speaking research assistants, and overseeing the research programming (i.e., running cognition experiments on a daily basis on a group of 26 elephants based at the Anantara Golden Triangle Resort and Spa in Chiang Rai, Thailand).

You will also oversee the hotel guest programs managed by the research team. These programs engage hotel guests in research, and typically run a few times a week. You will also be responsible for managing other programs, which run several times a year.

Additionally, you will be involved in our science education programs in Thailand. You will assist in all administrative aspects of our current programs, and contribute to the expansion of our education initiatives.

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

Understand the mission of the organization to effectively communicate it to educators, scientists and other members of the public.

Live and work full-time in the Golden Triangle as a managerial-level member of the research team.

Work closely with and manage a team of research assistants.

Work at least 8 hours a day in hot and humid temperatures outside or inside without air conditioning.

Manage all aspects of the on-site research program, and be involved with several education initiatives run on- and off-site.

Coordinate with the hotel staff on the scheduling and managing of elephants (in coordination with elephant camp staff) for research, guest programs, and education programs

Create informational documents for school administrators, teachers, students and parents.

Organize data, research and education finances, protocols and curricula using online tools.


Excellent written and oral communication fluency in English is required

Thai national

Previous experience living and/or working abroad is desirable but not required

An ability to work independently and in difficult environments

Knowledge of Spanish, Italian, French or other foreign languages is a plus

Strong problem-solving and critical thinking skills

Ability to stay organized, on task, and meet deadlines

Attention to detail

Self-motivated, but willing to ask questions when necessary

Strong computer knowledge

Friendly, dependable, flexible and able to work with a multi-national team of researchers and educators on a daily basis

The Package:

30,000THB per month + benefits (health insurance), staff canteen meals and accommodation provided. Contract will be year-to-year. You will be employed by the Golden Triangle Asian Elephant Foundation, a Thai registered non-profit foundation.

To apply for this position, please send a CV or resume, a cover letter describing your interest, experience and listing the names and contact details for at least two references to thinkelephants.jobs@gmail.com. If you qualify, we will contact you for an interview.

joshelephantjoshelephant (Lv 1)
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By: joshelephant thinkelephants.jobs@gmail.com April 7, 2013 14:45

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