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อยากทราบเรื่อง interaction with DNA

Detail: สนใจศึกษาโรคมะเร็งค่ะ อยากทราบว่าดีเอ็นเอเกิดอันตรกริยากับดีเอ็นเอได้อย่างไรค่ะ ในการวัด UV-spectrometry
Interaction with DNA. The study of the mechanism of
action responsible for the antiproliferative activity of the new
derivatives prompted us to investigate on the ability of the
heterocyclic nucleus to form a molecular complex with
DNA. To pursue this question, LD experiments were performed
in the presence of salmon testes DNA at different
[drug]/[DNA] ratios. The spectra of DNA solutions in the
presence of the structurally related compounds 1a and 1e-h
are reported in Figure 1. The DNA spectrum presents the
typical negative dichroic signal at 260 nm, while in the
presence of new benzothiopyranoindoles, a further negative
signal at higher wavelength occurs. Nevertheless, the intensity
of this signal is significantly reduced for 1a, which is
characterized by the absence of the protonable side chain.
The same behavior was also observed for the other compounds,
i.e., a small negative induced signal for the unsubstituted
benzothiopyranoindoles (1b-d) and a large
significant signal for the corresponding derivatives carrying
the dialkylaminoalkyl side chains (1i-v) (spectra not
shown). These results suggest that the tetracyclic chromophore
may insert between base pairs and that this capacity
becomes significantly more pronounced if a dialkylaminoalkyl
chain is inserted. It is reasonable that the presence
of a basic nitrogen, protonable at physiological pH, facilitates
the interaction between the nucleic acid and the
charged compound, thus making the intercalative process
more effective.

By: นักศึกษา sirintra.ch@gmail.com January 13, 2010 22:01

Message 1:
ที่เห็นนี่เอามาจากไหนครับ ส่วนเนื้อหาก็เชิญท่านอื่นแล้วกัน

By: อ.โจ้ January 13, 2010 23:15

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