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Fruits (special edition)

Detail: Fruits has launched a series of publication aiming at presenting, in only one document, several recent articles already published in during the last years and related to a specific research topic.

Fruit flies in Africa (2009):

Many tropical or subtropical areas of the world, as well as some temperate areas, are confronted in a similar way with the problems arising from fruit flies (Diptera, Tephritidae), although each area presents, in this respect, a group of species which is peculiar for it. The species most harmful to agriculture are responsible for direct damage, but also for losses to export markets related to the quarantine restrictions, which can be considerable. This document presents the advantage of showing the diversity of the recent studies devoted to this group of pests and the principal orientations of these works. Thirteen papers dedicated to these pests are collected in this special issue . Five of them focus on the fruit flies biology; two articles concern the polymorphism of the allozymes within the populations of the sp. in the Mediterranean basin; control methods are presented in four documents while populations displacements and interspecies com!
petition receive special care in the two last articles.

See the content ( "http://www.fruits-journal.org/content/view/230/43/lang,en/" ) To order ( "http://www.fruits-journal.org/doc_journal/doc/fruits/fruit_flies_in_africa.pdf" )

Banana protocols (2009):

This special issue of , gathered together various methods useful for the researchers, engineers and technicians who devote themselves to the study and the cultivation of the banana and plantain. These articles provide a detailed description of the methods applicable to the banana, more documented than that generally presented in the chapter the of the scientific publications. They are written by specialists in the various disciplines, who use and improve regularly the methods presented. The described protocols relate to a large field of application from the genome study until the installation of the forecasting techniques for controlling the banana diseases, while passing, for example, by biochemistry methods, and different physiology, phytopathology and nematology techniques applied to the banana trees.

See the content ( "http://www.fruits-journal.org/content/view/231/43/lang,en/" ) To order ( "http://www.fruits-journal.org/doc_journal/doc/fruits/banana_protocols.pdf" )

Underutilized Fruits (2008):

The fifteen papers collected in the Fruits special issue dedicated to underutilized fruits provide a glimpse into the diversity of the ongoing research activities: four papers introduce and characterize each one or a range of indigenous species; three papers are presenting an evaluation of newly introduced species; the role of pollinators is the focus of two papers and five fruit species (Detarium microcarpum, Artocarpus camansi, Adansonia digitata, Mammea americana and Annona muricata) are the topic of six additional papers which study their morphological or physiological characteristics in order to develop or strengthen improvement programmes.

See the content ( "http://www.fruits-journal.org/content/view/226/43/lang,en/" ) To order ( "http://www.fruits-journal.org/doc_journal/doc/fruits/Underutilized_fruits.pdf" )

Plantain (2006):

The first Fruits booklet of such a new series, dedicated to Plantain, is issued. It reviews: the important results concerning the constraints of the production systems; simple production techniques for high quality plantation stock; varietal distribution; parasitism and processing of the plantain. This Fruits special issue aims at promoting this important staple food product.

See the content ( "http://www.fruits-journal.org/content/view/221/43/lang,en/" ) To order ( "http://www.fruits-journal.org/doc_journal/doc/fruits/fruits_plantain.pdf" )

If you wish to subscribe to Fruits, please visit the "Subscriber information" section on the journal's website www.fruits-journal.org ( "http://www.fruits-journal.org/" ) or contact us at subscribers@edpsciences.org ( "mailto:subscribers@edpsciences.org" ).

Best Regards,

Chantal Loison
Editor-in-Chief, Fruits

Isabelle Turpin-Pouliquen
Marketing Department Manager, EDP Sciences

www.fruits-journal.org ( "http://www.fruits-journal.org" )

If you would prefer not to receive these emails, please reply to this e-mail with the word "unsubscribe" in the subject line


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