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29-10-2018 12:54:37
tah defeated Dallas to continue his away victory in the season. Aside from the win and loss, the match between Ludi Kobe and Diane Jordan's center was held in an exciting way. Eppel Top also boasts 23 points, 16 rebounds, 3 block shots, 12 points, 19 rebounds, and 9 assists. Kobe's bombing of the paint zone, Jordan's attack finishing pass (!) and free-to-line strong heart stood out.(FT 4/4) 
Golden State and LA Clippers defeated Brooklyn and Washington respectively. Brucklin has suffered a total loss despite three-pointers to 19 consecutive games. Tonight, the opponent's one-two-punch steppen career, Kevin Durant's top-of-the-scenes shooting game. 
Meanwhile, Oklahoma City won its first win of the season. The sacrificial offering is Phoenix. Bonus is the reason why he brought his opponent down to the bottom of the Western Conference, which is a familiar spot.

The Utah team continued its natural relations with Dallas in the 2018-19 season. He has the advantage of seven wins and one loss in eight recent matches including four consecutive wins. In addition, he won all three games for the first time in four consecutive away games, including back-to-back. The final opponent of the schedule is Minnesota on November 1. 
The visiting team rallied to victory in the bench battle early in the fourth quarter. All Sixtiesmen played their part, including Dante Isum, who ran the court at the speed of light, 안전놀이터 George Niang, Greisen Allen, the rookie of the year, and strong defense. As a result, the team will earn +15 points (22-37) on the bench and +9.2 points on the coat. 
On the other hand, the result of the main line-up match was not satisfactory. He allowed a chase game against a fourth-quarter fool (?) who was a runner in Dallas. In fact, Ludy Gauber, who is known to be the top of Epell Tower, cut off her opponent's chase by scoring consecutive goals. Let's take a look at the match-up between Kobe and the D&D Jordan Center. Both sides succeeded in making double-double-double with 15 rebounds or higher, while Kobe scored a pick-and-roll role-based paint zone and Jordan's surprisingly high-post attack assembly. *The 9 assists recorded by 3rd Jordan correspond to Career High. Even four free pitching attempts were caught by the rim!He is showing off his excellent Hippost moves as he received the system buff of Rick Carlyle after his move to Dallas (58.0% to 86.7%).

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