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22-10-2018 22:30:43
The Korea Highway Corporation won the opening match of the women's team of the 2018-2019 V-League with the IBK Industrial Bank at Kimcheon Gymnasium on Sunday. First, she gave up two sets and won three sets in a come-from-behind victory. Park Jung-ah, who is responsible for 30 points based on her high attack success rate of 46.87 percent, became the first player to win. 

The first set was IBK Industrial Bank Face. IBK Industrial Bank took the lead in an 8-8 tie. Since then, the team has enjoyed an atmosphere with powerful yet high batting attacks. The gap widened to 15-11. The Korea Highway Corporation was also hit hard. He followed closely by 20-21 points. However, IBK Industrial Bank was stronger. The set point was scored by Baekmokhwa and Irina, and the set was completed when Jeong Sun-ah of the Korea Highway Corporation came out with a subcrime. Anai was responsible for 10 goals with an offensive success rate of 41.19 per set. 

Two sets were followed by a close race. The Korea Highway Corporation was ahead of the first half of the set by 12 to 9 three points, but the IBK Industrial Bank followed on and reached the 16-16 tie. IBK Industrial Bank succeeded in securing 20-17 lead by blocking attacks on Korea Highway Corporation. IBK, which succeeded in reversing itself, has since secured the lead and has captured up to two sets with Go Ye-rim's attack. He added seven runs to the second set. 

The three consecutive sets were as fierce as one or two sets. The two teams had a neck-and-neck race in the gap of one to two points. If Korea Highway Corporation runs away, IBK Industrial Bank's chase has been repeated until mid-year. The Korea Highway Corporation, which allowed two sets of reversals, was three points ahead in no time due to Jeong Dae-young's mobile attack, Moon Jung-won's consecutive blows, and Park Jeong-ah's back offensive. At the last minute, IBK Industrial Bank was chased by a single point, but it maintained its focus and took the set with Park's attack. 

Unlike the first to 토토사이트추천 third set, IBK Industrial Bank has been ahead of the previous four sets. He took advantage of the lack of concentration in Korea Highway Corporation and led the team comfortably by 7-3. However, the Korea Highway Corporation quickly regained its pace and tied 13-13 points. After that, Jeong Sun-ah succeeded in grabbing the lead with 18-16. IBK Industrial Bank's chase was also tough. IBK Industrial Bank was dragged from 20-22 to create a 22-22 tie. Afterwards, the team won the game by one run. If Korea Highway Corporation ran away, IBK would make up for itself. The last laugh was Korea Highway Corporation. Chung's time gap attack and Park's back-to-back attack ended the set in the duo. 

The Korea Highway Corporation, which won two straight sets, stepped up. He advanced to 7-3, early in the fifth set. He kept the lead throughout the set while riding the flow, and displayed his hindsight to secure the final set to complete the come-from-behind victory. IBK Industrial Bank struggled with a score of 40 points, but lost due to a lack of confidence.

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