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22-10-2018 05:49:24
LA Dodgers pitcher Yasiel Puig (28) has mixed views. While reckless play-off spirit and childlike innocence are attractive, there is a sense of uneasiness about where to turn into excessive motivation and a hyperbolic personality. On the other side of the team, the constantly stimulating foie gras will not look good. 

The same is true of the former players who are currently with Puyig at the Dodgers. When he was on the other team, Fug was an annoying and annoying thing. But now, there is no one more lovely than Puyg. Because there is no malice to Puygg's behavior that we saw from close quarters. It is a pure "smile" virus that lifts the mood. 

After the Dodgers decided to advance to the World Series for the second straight year, Yahoo Sports and ESPN 메이저사이트 reported their fellow Dodgers players' views on Puyig. It has been reported how the players who joined the Dodgers, including pitcher Ryan Madsen, infielder Brian Dodger and David Fris, changed their eyes towards Puyig. 

Madsen, who moved to the Dodgers in August, said, "When he wasn't on the same team, he was a little annoyed." He came to the Dodgers and fell in love with Puygg. He just wants to win and does so. 

"Fuig is a unique person. "I really like him because he is very exciting," he said. Since I became his colleague at the Dodgers, I definitely have more to laugh about than I think. 

"Many people feel safer than happy when they succeed. Puygg is not relieved and happy. We have a good time with pure joy." In a way, it is admirable. "Many people are not like the pug, but it helps the pug himself," he said. 

There was a time when Puygg lost his trust with his teammates. His habitual perception and extortion have hampered teamwork. He constantly tried to trade in the team. Even now, Puygg is considered a "luxury ball" who has no idea where he is but a player who cannot hate his teammates with his own personality and innocence.

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