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22-10-2018 05:33:53
"They are not professional players, but they are passionate about soccer."

Director Kim Sang-sik (39) of the Korea Youth Football Club in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam, feels "Park Hang-seo syndrome." As the "Park Hang-seo Division" is rewriting the history of soccer in every tournament in Vietnam, the brand of KOREA is gaining more value every day. Many Korean companies have re-appointed with the withdrawal of their business in Vietnam, and major institutions such as the Korean Embassy in Vietnam have reportedly seen the "Park Hang-Soo effect" when they faced difficulties. The pride of Koreans living in Vietnam cannot be expressed in words.

The direct effect of Park Hang-seo syndrome is not only motivated by Vietnamese soccer hopefuls. Nearly 180,000 Korean residents and residents of Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh will live in major cities in Vietnam. There are 100,000 people living in Ho Chi Minh, and the children of Korean residents and residents are enjoying the fun of kicking balls. After returning to his career due to injury after exercising until his school days, Kim sent him to Ho Chi Minh and founded the Korean Youth Club in the form of a soccer classroom in 2012. At first, he formed a team with only a handful of people, but with him, Park Hang-seo, ShinDrom, he has grown to about 120 players including elementary, middle and high school officials. Other Korean youth teams including JCFC coach Choi Won-kyu and KCYFC coach Kim Chan-young are also seeing a surge in the number of registered players in the national soccer league.

Most of them do not 토토사이트추천 dream of becoming elite players but enjoy the joy of soccer itself. Nevertheless, they are divided into regular or weekend classes and participate in regular after-school training and friendly matches. Vietnam rarely enjoys outdoor sports as a hobby unless it takes the path of a local youth elite due to its high temperature and humidity. "Vietnam has limited hobby activities due to the hot weather," said Choi Won-kyu, manager of Ho Chi Minh on Tuesday. Children in Vietnam also play indoors, including PC games. But I see Vietnamese people interested in Korean soccer because they are showing Korean children playing soccer outside." "Those parents and children here put education first, but they are satisfied that it is more beneficial to kick the ball and build a sense of community between them," Kim said. 

Since they do not go to school or paint the future through soccer, the fun of the ball doubles. Park Hang-seo syndrome is the driving force behind Korean youth living in hot countries to play soccer. And the Vietnamese people feel another trust in Korean soccer through this. "In Vietnam, a taxi driver and other friends of the same age talk about Park Hang-seo," said Chang Bo-mo, 15, a student at Ho Chi Minh Korea International School who plays for KJFC. "I'm very proud of you and enjoy playing soccer. Some Vietnamese teams offer to exchange friendship with the Korean youth team. In the early 2000s, a 55-year-old Korean businessman who moved to Ho Chi Minh for construction started the Korea Youth Football Association and took the helm. The Korean youth team has gained experience in the games by participating in the MBC Football Dream Tree Summer Festival, which is held every summer in South Gyeongsang Province with the support of the association. Park Hang-seo syndrome is also leading a small change in the Korean community.

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