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22-10-2018 00:50:59
The Doosan Bears, which set up a mini camp in Miyazaki, Japan, lost to the Chunichi Dragons in their first practice game. 

The Doosan Bears lost 2-9 against the Chunichi Dragons, the "2018 Miyazaki Phoenix Education League" at Himukaga Stadium in Miyazaki, Japan on Tuesday. The team that came to Miyazaki to boost their real-life awareness was the first practice game on the day.

The table setter was organized by Hur Kyung-min (three baseman) and Choi Joo-hwan (designated hitter). Park Gun-woo (right-winger), Kim Jae-hwan (left-winger) and Yang Ji-young (parcher) were filled with the main batters. Starting with No. 6, Oh Jae-il, Oh Jae-won, Jung Jin-ho, and Ryu Ji-hyuk were in order.

Yoo Hee-gwan, left-handed, took charge of the selection. Starting in the third inning, Jang Won-joon, Kim Seung-hoe, Lee Hyun-seung, Kim Kang-ryul and Ham Duk-joo were throwing away. Coach Kim Tae-hyung has been adjusting his team's condition by putting in backup after cleaning time.

He scored his first goal 안전한놀이터 in the top of the sixth inning, trailing 0-6 . Jeong Jin-ho hit second base in the left middle of the month and Ryu Ji-hyuk's infield grounder to grab the chance to make the third base. Huh Kyung-min hit Takumi Yamamoto right on the left. In the eighth inning, which was 1-8, Baek Min-ki's sand dune, Choi Joo-hwan's heavy hit, and Cho's heavy hit went on to score one point.

Ryu scored six hits and six runs in two innings. The first batter in the first inning was a fielder's error, and the missed bat was hit, which made no luck. Jang scored three hits in two innings, no hits in one inning in Kim Seung-hoe, no runs in one inning, and no hits in one in Lee Hyun-seung. Kim Kang-ryul scored three hits and two runs in one inning, and two hits and one runs in one inning in Hamdeok-ju.

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