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21-10-2018 23:56:20
The Korean national team advanced to the semifinals by winning a 3-1 victory against EDG in the quarterfinals of the 2016 LoL World Championship held at the Busan BEXCO Auditorium on Tuesday. Starting off with a set, the team successfully won the game with one stroke based on solid upper body strength. 

The following is the full text of an interview with the jungle thriller 'Blocksa.' 

I'm very happy. I feel relieved. We had a lot to prove this year. After losing to RNG 0-3 last year, the rest of the team set a goal to do better next year. Therefore, it is very meaningful to advance to the semifinals.

Q. The European region has been cleaning up its slump on the international stage, and has become the only one to have two teams in the semifinals. I'll be delighted.

I don't know exactly why 메이저놀이터 European teams have been making propaganda this year. To find out the reason, it may be because the team is better organized than before. I don't think Roland Cup Meta fits well with Korea. Now, the early fighting is extremely important and the pace of the game is fast, while China and Europe are used to it, while Korea has little experience. 

Q. What feedback did you get after the one-set complete defeat?

The first set was a game that didn't work out. The first run came out too fast and the opponent's snowball was out of control. "Let's play smart and safe from the next set." We lost one set, but Hanta said, "We're doing a better job.

Q. The third set was a victory that showed quick judgment such as mid-iniciting and Nexus's charge. Who gave the order?

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