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20-10-2018 19:10:21
Moon Jae-in, on a visit to Europe, the president is (local time) on June 20, ‘green growth and global goal for 2030, solidarity’ (4 g p) the first meeting in Denmark to the present engagement.Stressed. In particular, Mr. Moon stressed that countries that have not experienced manufacturing-oriented growth, such as North Korea, could help apply growth models that promote economic growth and sustainable development from the start.

President Moon said in his keynote speech at the Daniš Radio Concert Hall in Copenhagen, "The Korean government is more aware of the power of inclusion than anyone else." This means that a nation that is responsible for the lives of its people throughout its life and that the benefits of economic growth are evenly balanced, the value that the Republic of Korea seeks.
President Moon also presented three types of spirit of engagement for sustainable development and response to climate change. First, President Moon proposed "engagement beyond borders and fields." "It is impossible to resolve global agenda items such as climate change through efforts of certain countries or public sectors," he said. "The dream of climate change and sustainable development will be realized only when Asia's active participation and international cooperation are realized." He also raised the need to provide aid to North Korea. President Moon also suggested sharing and embracing success stories as his third spirit of engagement. 

Mr. Moon ended his speech with such remarks. "The fairytale of the human race (Denmark) Andersen ends with this sentence. So we lived happily ever after. For sustainable growth and response to climate change, the Republic of Korea will always support the spirit and practice of P4G."

P4G is a consultative body that has expanded and developed a global green growth forum that Denmark has been pushing since 2011. The meeting also adopted the Copenhagen Declaration of Action, which supports the SDGs and the Paris climate change agreement. The meeting was attended by Danish Prime Minister Lars Rhoke Rashmussen, Ethiopian President Moulatu Tešome, Vietnamese Prime Minister Nguyen Thuen Thuangi, Dutch Prime Minister, and Chinese President Wang Jugi

The presidential office Cheong Wa Dae said, "Our government is also trying to advance the green growth policy, which started with the previous government, as a strategy to achieve sustainable development goals." Green growth, which was highlighted in the Lee Myung-bak government policy.

Reply : Korea GM is pushing ahead with corporate separation. The union's "total strike" mountain is "legal r