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19-10-2018 16:34:47
South Korea's GM was once again confused after five months of normalization. Despite opposition from KDB Industrial Bank of Korea and Korea GM's labor union, which newly invested $750 million, the company eventually decided to establish a R&D corporation. The union has announced a general strike, saying it is an order to pull out of Korea, while the KDB is considering a lawsuit. Amid a sharp decline in sales, labor-management disputes are also escalating. 토토사이트
◇We even occupied the CEO's office to stop the shareholders' meeting,

GM Korea held a general shareholders' meeting on the 19th and passed the bill on the establishment of GM Korea Technical Center, a new R&D company. As a result, 3,000 of the 10,000 employees, including design centers and technology research institutes, will be transferred to the new corporation to develop global products at GM headquarters. "The new corporation will be led by GM headquarters and will develop Iquanox that will be sold in global markets." said a representative for GM in Korea. 

Although corporate separation has been confirmed, the Korean GM labor union is strongly opposed. The new corporation is saying that it is not obliged to carry out collective agreements between the Korean GM labor and management, and that it will separate its members to facilitate labor management and withdraw in the worst cases. Dozens of unionized workers blocked the entrance of the president's office in Bupyeong, Incheon, and demanded the withdrawal of the shareholders' meeting. 

The Korean GM labor union received an unusually high approval of 78 percent in a two-day strike vote held from July 15 and plans to finalize the general strike schedule if the National Labor Relations Commission decides to suspend the arbitration. Regarding this, GM Korea said in May with KDB, "We agreed to guarantee production activities in Korea for 10 years," adding, "The union's argument is excessive." 
◇ Normalization of distance

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