BC Seminar

9 August, 2018

BC Special Seminar
“Current NGS Technology and Applications”

by Dr. Sasithorn Chotewutmontri
Faculty of Medicine and Public Health Chulabhorn Royal Academy
Room: B301, 10:30-11:30 am.
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1 August, 2018

BC Faculty Seminar
"Genomic imprinting: we can’t be apart"

by Dr. Patompon Wongtrakoongate
Room: B301, 11:00 am.
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19 July, 2018

BC Special Seminar
"Controlling cell behaviour in tumourigenesis and intimal thickening"

by Prof. Dr. Kevin Gaston
Professor of Cancer Sciences
University of Nottingham,
Queen's Medical Centre, UK

"A tale of two cancer: the promotionand inhibition of tumour growth by PRH/HHEX"
by Prof. Dr. Padma-Sheela Jayaraman
Senior Lecturer Cancer Biology
Birmingham University, UK
Room: B301, 10:00 am. - 12:00 pm.
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22 June, 2018

BC Special Seminar
"Cancer Precision Medicine"

by Assoc. Prof. Manop Pithukpakorn
Division of Medical Genetics, Department of Medicine, Faculty of Medicine Siriraj Hospital
Mahidol University
Room: B301, 1:30 PM
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15 June, 2018

BC Special Seminar
“Using Pluripotent Stem Cells in Vascular Engineering”

by Prof. Stephen Dalton
Center for Molecular Medicine, Department of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, University of Georgia, USA
Room: B301, 10:00-11:00 am.
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Latest Publications

Jensen LT. et al., Interrogation of ethnomedicinal plants for synthetic lethality effects in combination with deficiency in the DNA repair endonuclease RAD1 using a yeast cell-based assay. J Ethnopharmacol. 2018 May 17;223:10-21.
doi: 10.1016/j.jep.2018.05.016. [Epub ahead of print]



Admission 2018!!!!
Congratulations to
Asst. Prof. Thaned Kangsamaksin
on receiving 2018 Young BMB Award from the Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Section, the Science Society of Thailand
Congratulations to
Dr. Ornchuma Itsathitphaisarn
on being promoted to "Assistant Professor" by Mahidol University Council



Taking the First Step in Chemical Safety Training from BC annual assembly 2010

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