Curriculum Vitae

NAME: Worachart Sirawaraporn
DATE OF BIRTH: 1 September 1955
PLACE OF BIRTH: Bangkok , Thailand .
INSTITUTION AFFILIATION: Department of Biochemistry, Faculty of Science, Mahidol University, Rama VI Road, Bangkok, Thailand.
B.Sc. in Med. Tech., Faculty of Medicine, Chulalongkorn University.
M.Sc. in Biochemistry, Faculty of Science, Mahidol University.
Ph.D. in Biochemistry, Faculty of Science, Mahidol University.
Post-doctoral fellow, Department of Biochemistry and Biophysics, University of California, San Francisco, U.S.A.

Lecturer, Department of Biochemistry, Faculty of Science, Mahidol University, Bangkok Thailand.
Assistant Professor, Department of Biochemistry, Faculty of Science, Mahidol University, Bangkok Thailand.
Director, Bioservice Unit, Thailand National Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology.
Associate Professor, Department of Biochemistry, Faculty of Science, Mahidol University, Bangkok Thailand.
Professor, Department of Biochemistry, Faculty of Science, Mahidol University, Bangkok Thailand.
Director, Center for Bioinformatics and Applied Genomics Research Unit (CBAG), Faculty of Science, Mahidol University, Bangkok Thailand.

Member, Pathogenesis Steering Committee, TDR/WHO (1995-1999).
  Member, Pathogenesis and Applied Genomics Steering Committee, TDR/WHO (2000-2005).
Scientific Working Group, Bioinformatics Initiative, TDR/WHO (2001-present)
Coordinator ( Asia), South-South Initiative, TDR/WHO (2002-present)
Editorial Board, Trends in Parasitology, Elsevier Science, London, UK (2001-present)
Editorial Advisory Board, Molecular Microbiology, Blackwell Science, USA (2001-2004)
Editorial Board, Science Journal (in Thai) (2003-present)
Associate Editor, ScienceAsia (2006-present)
Deputy Chair, Protein Society of Thailand (2006-present)
Elected member, Asia-Pacific International Molecular Biology Network (Asia-Pacific IMBN) (2001-present)

Rockefeller Foundation Post-doctoral fellowship
L.W. Frohlich Award Research Fellowship from the New York Academy of Sciences
Promising Scientist Award from the Foundation for the promotion of Science and Technology, Thailand
Rockefeller Foundation Career Award
Research Scholar from Thailand Research Fund
Career Development Award from National Science and Technology Development Agency
Outstanding Researcher Award from National Research Council Thailand
Mahidol University Prize (Research)
Distinguished Alumni Award, Faculty of Graduate Studies, Mahidol University, Thailand
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