Tuangporn Suthiphongchai

Associate Professor Dr.
Ph.D. (Mahidol University)
Tel : +662-201-5609
Fax :+662-354-7174
Email : tuangporn.sut@mahidol.ac.th
Research Interests :
Molecular cell biology
Signal transduction in cell cycle
Cell invasion and metastasis
Cancer is a severe disease which arises as a result of alteration in regulation of cell growth, proliferation, differentiation and apoptosis. Cancer cell has ability to invade and metastasize to other sites of the body which is the major course of death in cancer patients. Thus, metastasis has become one of the primary concerns in cancer therapy. These cellular behavior are regulating by variety of signaling pathways, many of which have been shown to be deregulated in variety of cancers. Thus, our laboratory are interested in studying mechanism of cancer, emphasize on signal transduction regulating cholangiocarcinoma and prostate cancer cell proliferation and invasion.
Cholangiocarcinoma (CCA), a malignant tumor of the bile duct epithelium, is one of the major cancers in Northeast Thailand. This disease is difficult to diagnose and has a high mortality rate, thus posing an important public health problem in this region. Recent evidences showed that the two growth factor receptors, ERBB2 and c-met (hepatocyte growth factor receptor), are frequently overexpressed in CCA and their levels of expression relate to the stages of cancer. These two growth factor receptors have been demonstrated to regulate diverse biological responses including proliferation, migration and invasion, key features of metastatic cancer. Our laboratory is interesting in study the roles of ERBB2 and c-met signaling pathway in cholagiocarcinoma progression.