Mathurose Ponglikitmongkol

Ph.D. (Louis Pasteur, 1989)
Tel : +662-201-5455
Fax :+662-354-7174
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Research Interests :
Molecular Biology of Cancer
Molecular Genetics of Infectious Diseases
Current Research :
For years, the laboratory has focused on the study of human diseases both genetic diseases and infectious diseases. Recently, our main interest has emphasized on the molecular mechanism of the genetic diseases at the gene regulation level. Cervical cancer is still a major problem for women worldwide including our country. Its main etiological factors involve human papillomavirus (HPV), chemicals and genetics. E6 and E7 are two major viral proteins produced from integrated HPV genome influencing more than 40 types of host proteins. Interestingly, a splice product of E6 is produced only in cells transfected with high risk HPVs. We are interested in examining the effects of all forms of viral proteins both from the high risk and the low risk groups of HPVs in modulating host protein functions.
The present research in my laboratory includes :
1. The control of cellular functions by HPV oncoproteins and hormones affecting stress and immune response
2. Gene regulation activities of HPV oncoproteins