BC Seminar

25 December, 2014

BC Faculty Seminar
"Structural dynamics of UvrA–UvrB DNA damage sensor"

by Dr. Danaya Pakotiprapha
Room: B 301, 11.00-12.00
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17 December, 2014

BC Special Seminar
"Getting to Know and Using a Multi-Stage Gut Simulator System to Study Gut Microbiota"

by Dr. Tumnoon Charaslertrangsi
Science Division
Mahidol University International College
Room: B301, 10.30-11.30
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Departmental Activities

July 24, 2014
New Student Orientation
(Academic year 2014)
  Room: B 301, 13.00




Latest Publications


Congratulations to
Prof. Sumalee Tungpradabkul on receivng 2014 Outstanding Alumni Award from Chiang Mai University


Department of Biochemistry won the Toray Awrd ( Best institution )
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Taking the First Step in Chemical Safety Training from BC annual assembly 2010

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