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Yindee Kitiyanant

Program Director of Master in Anatomy and Structural Biology
Department of Anatomy, Room B103
Faculty of Science, Mahidol University
Bangkok, 10400, Thailand

Telephone: (+66) (0)2201 5404
Fax: (+66) (0)2354 7168

Institute of Science and Technology for R & D
Mahidol University, Puthamonthon 4 Road, Salaya
Nakhon Pathom 73170 Thailand

Telephone: (+66) (0)2441 9003-7 Ext 1389,1390
Fax: (+66) (0)2441 1013








Research Interest

1. Reproductive biology (Oocyte and sperm maturation)

2. In vitro embryo technologies and embryo transfer for assisted reproduction (IVF-ET,  Sexing, and Cryopreservation)

3. Cloning (Nuclear transfer)

4. Stem cell (Embryonic stem cell and Adult stem cell ) for medical and agricultural researches

5. Transgenic animal models for diseases

Honors & Awards


Selected Publications

Boonkusol D, Faisaikarm T, Dinnyes A and Kitiyanant Y. Effects of vitrification on subsequent development and ultrastructure of in vitro matured swamp buffalo (Bubalus bubalis) oocytes. Repro Fertil Dev 19: 383-391,2007.

Thein-Han WW and Kitiyanant Y. Chitosan scaffolds for in vitro buffalo embryonic stem-like cell culture: An approach to tissue engineering. J Biomed Material Res (Applied Biomaterials) 80B: 92-101, 2007.

Parnpai R, Techakumphu M and Kitiyanant Y. Progress of animal reproductive technology in Thailand. Embryo Transfer Newsletter  24(3) Sept:10-15, 2006.

Sa-Ardrit M, Saikhun J, Thongtip N, Danyang M, Mahasawangkul S, Angkawanish T, Jansittiwate S, Faisaikarm T, Kitiyanant Y, Pavasuthipaisit K and Pinyopummin A. Ultrastructural alterations of frozen-thawed Asian elephant (Elephas maximus) spermatozoa. Int J Androl 29: 346-352, 2006.

Boonkusol D, Gal AB, Bodo S, Gorhony B, Kitiyanant Y and Dinnyes A. Gene expression profiles and in vitro development following vitrification of pronuclear and 8-cell stage mouse embryos. Mol Reprod Dev 73: 700-708, 2006.

Pitidhammabhorn D, Kantachuvesiri S, Totemchokchyakarn K, Kitiyanant Y and Ubol S. Partial construction of apoptotic pathway in  PBMC obtained from active SLE patients and the significance of plasma TNF-α on this pathway. Clin Rheumatol 25(5): 705-714 ,2006.

Ittiprasert W, Kantachuvesiri S, Pavasuthipaisit K, Verasertniyom O, Chaom tum L, Totemchochyakarn K and Kitiyanant Y. Complete deficiencies of complement C4A and C4B including 2-bp insertion in codon 1213 are genetic risk fsctor of systemic lupus erythematosus in Thai population. J Autoimmu 25: 77-84, 2005.

Songthaveesin C, Saikhun J, Kitiyanant Y and Pavasuthipaisit K. Radio-protective effect of vitamin E on spermatogenesis in mice exposed  to gamma-irradiation: a flow cytometric study. Asian J Androl 6(4): 331-336, 2004.

Saikhun J, Sritanaudomchai H, Pavasuthipaisit K and Kitiyanant Y. Telomerase activity in Swamp buffalo (Bubalus bubalis) oocytes and embryos derived from in vitro fertilization, somatic cell nuclear transfer and parthenogenetic activation. Reprod Domest Anim.  39(3): 162-167, 2004.

Thongtip N, Saikhun S, Damyang M, Mahasawangkul S, Suthunmapinata P, Yindee M, Kongsila A, Angkawanish T, Jansittiwate S,  Wongkalasin W, Wajjwalkul W, Kitiyanant Y, Pavasuthipaisit P and Pinyopummin A. Evaluation of post-thaw Asian elephant (Elephas maximus) spermatozoa using flow cytometry : the effects of extender and cryoprotectant. Theriogenology. 62(3-4): 748-760, 2004.

Saikhun J, Kitiyanant N, Songtaveesin C, Pavasuthipaisit K and Kitiyanant Y. Development of swamp buffalo (Bubalus bubalis) embryos after parthenogenetic activation and nuclear transfer using serum fed or starved fetal fibroblasts. Reprod Nutr Dev 44: 65-78, 2004.

Kitiyanant Y, Saikhun J and Pavasuthipaisit K. Somatic cell nuclear transfer in domestic cat oocytes treated with IGF-I for in vitro maturation. Theriogenology 59:1775-1786,2003.

Kitiyanant Y, Chaisalee B and Pavasuthipaisit K. Evaluation of the acrosome reaction and viability in buffalo spermatozoa using two staining methods : the effect of heparin and calcium ionophore A23187. International Journal of Andrology 25 : 215-222 , 2002.

Saikhun J, Pavasuthipaisit K., Jaruansuwan M and Kitiyanant Y. Xenonuclear transplantation of buffalo (Bubalus bubalis) fetal and adult somatic cell nuclei into bovine (Bos indicus) oocyte cytoplasm and their subsequent development. Theriogenology 57:1829-1837, 2002.





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