Academic Staff


Sukumal Chongthammakun

Associate Professor
Department of Anatomy, Room B116
Faculty of Science, Mahidol University
Bangkok, 10400, Thailand

Telephone: (+66) (0)2201 5410
Fax: (+66) (0)2354 7168

Center for Neuroscience (CNS), Room K137
Faculty of Science, Mahidol University
Bangkok, 10400, Thailand

Telephone: (+66) (0)2201 5836

Post-doctoral training, NIH Fellow in Neurobiology, Wisconson Regional Primate Research Center, University of Wisconsin, USA, 1989 - 1991




Research Interest

1.  Hypothalamic Control of Puberty

2.  Comparative Biology of GnRH Neuron

3.  Neurodegeneration and Neurotoxicology

4.  Neuroprotective effects of estrogen and related compounds

Honors & Awards


Selected Publications

Malungpaishrope K, Leechavengvongs S, Uerpairojkit C, Witoonchart K, Jitprapaikulsarn S, Chongthammakun S. Nerve transfer to deltoid muscle using the intercostal nerves through the posterior approach: an anatomic study and two case reports. J Hand Surg [Am]. 2007 Feb;32(2):218-24.

Lapanantasin S, Chongthammakun S, Floyd CL, Berman RF. Effects of 17beta-estradiol on intracellular calcium changes and neuronal survival after mechanical strain injury in neuronal-glial cultures. Synapse. 2006 Oct;60(5):406-10.

Chaovipoch P, Jelks KA, Gerhold LM, West EJ, Chongthammakun S, Floyd CL. 17beta-estradiol is protective in spinal cord injury in post- and pre-menopausal rats. J Neurotrauma. 2006 Jun;23(6):830-52.

Jantaratnotai N, Utaisincharoen P, Piyachaturawat P, Chongthammakun S, Sanvarinda Y. Inhibitory effect of Curcuma comosa on NO production and cytokine expression in LPS-activated microglia. Life Sci. 2006 Jan 2;78(6):571-7.

Sattayaprasert P, Choi HB, Chongthammakun S, Mclarnon JG. Platelet-activation factor enhancement of calcium influx and interleukin-6 expression, but not production, in human microglia. J Neuroinflammation. 2005 Apr 15;2(1):11.

Chanyachukul T, Yoovathaworn K, Thongsaard W, Chongthammakun S, Navasumrit P, Satayavivad J. Attenuation of paraquat-induced motor behavior and neurochemical disturbances by I-valine in vivo. Toxicol Lett. 150(3): 259-69,2004.

Sattayaprasert  P, Choi HB, Ryu JK, Kim Su, Chongthammakun S. and McLarnon JG. Platelet-activating factor mediated inflammatory cytokine expression in human microglia. J Neurochem 88 (Suppl.1):47, 2004

Chindewa R, Lapanantasin S, Chaovipoch P and Chongthammakun S. The effect of phytoestrogen on synaptic density in hippocampal neurons. J Neurochem 88 (Suppl.1): 75, 2004.

Chaovipoch P, Lapanatasin S, Chindewa R and Chongthammakun S. Protective effect of heat and estrogen pretreatment on hydrogen peroxide induced cell death in SH-SY5Y cells J Neurochem 88 (Suppl.1): 70,2004.

Lapanantasin S, Chindewa R, Chaovipoch P and Chongthammakun S. Neuroprotective effects of Pueraria mirifica on ischemic-induced neuronal death. J Neurochem 88 (Suppl.): 39, 2004.






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