Academic Staff


Prasert Sobhon

Department of Anatomy, Room B112
Faculty of Science, Mahidol University
Bangkok, 10400, Thailand

Telephone: (+66) (0)2201 5406
Fax: (+66) (0)2354 7168

Post-doctoral Study, Cell Biology and Electron Microscopy, University of California at Los Angeles, USA, 1975


Current Research Interests

Reproductive Biology:

1. Structure of chromatin and basic nuclear proteins in male germ cells of vertebrates and invertebrates
2. Reproductive biology and culturing of frogs.
3. Selection, cultivation, reproductive biology and endocrinology of economically-important aquatic mollusks and crustaceans.

Cells and Molecular Biology of Parasites:

1. Characterization of antigens and encoding genes with immunodiagnostic and vaccine potentials in schistosomes, opisthorchis, and fasciola
2. Developments of immunodiagnostic assays, vaccines, and drugs for the above-mentioned parasitic diseases.
3. Diseases of economic aquatic mollusks and crustaceans.

Honors & Awards

1961 - 1966     Colombo Plan Scholarship
1966 - 1970     The Rockefeller Foundation Fellowship
1982               Mahidol University Award for Outstanding Research
1985               Thailand Outstanding Scientist Award, Foundation for the Promotion of
                      Science and Technology under the Patronage of His Majesty the King
1987, 2001,     
2004               Thailand Research Fund "Senior Research Scholar Award and Fellowship”
2000               National Research Council of Thailand Award for Outstanding Research on
                      “The Use of Monoclonal Antibodies in Diagnosis of Animal Fasciolosis”
2001               Thailand Research Fund "Senior Research Scholar Award and Fellowship”
2002               Best Teacher Award , Council of Faculty, Faculty of Science, Mahidol
2004               Professor Sud Saengwichian’s Award and Honorary Lecture for Outstanding
                     Anatomist , Faculty of Medicine, Siriraj Hospital, Mahidol University

Selected Publications

Leelawat K, Leelawat S, epaksorn P, Rattanasinganchan P, Leungchaweng A, Tohtong R, Sobhon P. 2006 Involvement of  cMet/hepatocyte growth factor pathway in cholangiocarcinoma cell invasion and its therapeutic inhibition with small interfering RNA  specific for cMet. Journal of Surgical Research. 136:78-84.

Ruangsittichai J, Viyanant V, Vichasri-Grams S, Sobhon P, Tesana S, Upatham ES, Hofmann A, Korge K, Grams R. 2006 Opisthorchis  viverrini:Identification of glycine-tyrosine rich eggshell protein and its potential as adiagnostic tool for human opisthorchiasis. International Journal for Parasitology. 36:1329-1339

Anurachpreeda A, Wanichanon C, Chaithirayanon K, Preyavichyapugdeee N, Sobhon P. 2006 Distribution of 28.5 kD antigen in the  tegument of adult Fasciola gigantica. Acta Tropica. 100:31 -40.

Pankao V, Meepool A, Vichasri-Grams S, Grams R, Viyanant V, and Sobhon P,. 2006 Classification of the parenchymal cells in  Fasciola gigantica based on ultrastructure and their expression of fatty acid binding proteins (FABPs). Veterinary Parasitology.142:281 -292.

Meeratana P, Withyachumnarnkul B, Damrongphol P, Wongprasert K, Suseangtham A, and Sobhon P. 2006 Serotonin induced ovarian maturation in giant fresh water prawn broodstock, Macrobrachium rosnbergii de Man. Aquaculture. 260:315 -325.

Chaithirayanon K, Grams R, Vichasri-Grams S, Hofmann A, Korge G, Viyanant V, and Sobhon P. 2006 Molecular and immunological  characterization of encoding gene and 14-3-3 protein 1 in Fasciola gigantica. Parasitology. 133:763 -775.

Lui Z, Sobhon P, Withyachunarnkul B K, and Hanna P. 2006 Identification of a putative egg-laying hormone in neural and gonadal tissues of the black tiger prawn, Penaeus monodon, using immunocytochemistry. Invertebrate Neuroscience 6:41-46.DOI 101007/s10158-006-0016-0.

Meepool A, Wanichanon C, Viyanant V, and Sobhon P. 2006 Development and roles of vitelline cells in the eggshell formation of Fasciola gigantica. Invertebrate Reproduction and Development. 49:9-17.

Vichasri-Grams S, Subpipattana P, Sobhon P, Viyanant V, Grams R. 2006 An analysis of calcium binding protein 1 of Fasciola gigantica with acomparison to its homologs in the phylum Platyhelminthes. Molecular and Biochemical Parasitology. 146:10 -23.DOI:10.1016/j. molbiopara.2005.10.012

Tansatit T., Sahaphong S., Riengrojpitak S., Viyanant V., and Sobhon P. 2006 Immunolocalization of cytoskeletal components in the  tegument of the three –old juvenile and adult Fasciola gigantica. Veterinary Parasitology. 135:269-278.

Jiraungkoorskul W., Sahaphong S., Sobhon P., Riengrojpitak S. and Kangwanrungsan N. 2005 Effect of praziquantel and artesunate  on the tegument of adult Schistosoma mekongki harboured in mice. Parasitology International. 54:177-183.

Saitongdee. P., Apisawetakan, S., Anunruang, N., Poomthong, T., Hanna, P. and Sobhon, P. 2005 Egg-laying-hormone immuno -reactivity in the neural ganlia and ovary of Haliotis asinine Linnaeus. Invertebrate Neuroscience 5:165-172.DOI 10.1007/s10158 -005-0032-5.

Suphamungmee, W., Apisawetakan, S., Wanichanon, C., Sretarugsa, P., Poomtong, T. and Sobhon, P. 2005 Chromatin condensation and basic nuclear protein pattern in sperm of a tropical abalone, Haliotis asinina Linnaeus. Molecular Reproduction and Development  70:211-221.

Manochantr, S., Sretarugsa, P., Chavadej, J. and Sobhon, P. 2005 Chromatin organization and basic nuclear proteins in the male germ  cells of Rana tigerina. Molecular Reproduction and Development. 70:184-197.

Eursittichai, V, Viyanant, V., Vicharsri-Gram, S., Sobhon, P., Tesana, S., Upatham, S.E., Hofmann, A., Korge, G. and Grams, R. 2004  Molecular cloning and characterization of a glutathione S-transferase encoding gene from Opisthorchis viverrini. Asian Pacific Journal of Allergy and Immunology. 22: 219-228.

Vongvatcharanon, U., Vongvatcharanon, S., Radenahmad, N., Kittirat, P., Intasaro, P., Sobhon, P., Parker, T. 2004 Angiotensin II may mediate apoptosis via AT1-receptors in rat cardiac conductionsystem. Journal Angiotensin Aldosterone System 5:135-140.

Ngernsoungnern, A., Weerachatyanukul, W., Saewu, A., Thitilertdecha S., Sobhon, P., Sretarugsa, P. 2004 Rat Sperm AS-A: Subcellular Localization in Testis and Epididymis and Surface Distribution in Epididymal Sperm. Cell and Tissue Research 318:353-363.

Saitongdee, P., Rabintossaporn, P., Sretarugsa, P., Poomtong, T. and Sobhon, P. 2004 Aminopeptidase reactivity in the digestive tract of adult Haliotis asinina Linnaeus. Journal of Shellfish Research 23:1031-1035.

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Vanichviriyakit, R., Kruevaisayawan, H., Weerachatyanukul, W., Tawipreeda P., Withyachumnarnkul, B., Pratoomchat B., Chavadej, J., Sobhon, P. 2004 Molecular modification of Penaeus monodon sperm in female thelycum and its consequent responses. Molecular Reproduction and Development 69:356-363.

Pongtippatee-Taweepreda, P., Chavadej, J., Plodpai, P., Pratoomchart, B., Sobhon, P., Weerachatyanukul, W. and Withyachumnarnkul. 2004 Egg activation in the black tiger shrimp Penaeus monodon. Aquaculture 234: 183-198.

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