Academic Staff


Chaitip Wanichanon

Associate Professor
Department of Anatomy, Room B122
Faculty of Science, Mahidol University
Bangkok, 10400, Thailand

Telephone: (+66) (0)2201 5411
Fax: (+66) (0)2354 7168

Post-doctoral training (Anatomy & Cell Biology), University of Michigan, USA, 1981 - 1982


Research Interest

1. Characterization and localization of liver fluke antigens by monoclonal antibody

2. Neuroendocrine control of reproduction in abalone and crustaceans

3. Morphology of the lingual papillae of mammals

Honors & Awards

1981     Rockefeller Fellowship, University of Michigan
1987     JSPS Fellowship, Gunma University
1988     Elizabeth C. Crosby Award, The Society of Anatomy
1989     Visiting Associate Professor, Nippon Dental University
1996     Bang Med Award, Bangkok Metropolitan Medical College
1997     Bang Med Award, Bangkok Metropolitan Medical College
1997     Honor Award (Student Activity Advisor), Mahidol University
2003     CIHR Training Fellowship, University of Manitoba, Canada
2006     Top 25 most read articles in Acta Tropica (Anuracpreeda et al.,2006)

2007     Best Teacher Award, Faculty of Science


Selected Publications

Homwutthiwong, K., Meepool, A., Grams, R., Wanichanon, C., Viyanant, V. and Sobhon, P. Cloning, characterization, and expression of vitelline protein BI and its encoding gene in the liver fluke, Fasciola Gigantica. The Southeast Asian Journal of Tropical Medicine and Public Health. 2009; 40(2):199-210

Laimek, P., Clark, S., Stewart, M., Pfeffer, F., Wanichanon, C., Hanna, P. and Sobhon, P. 2008 The presence of GABA in gastropod mucus and its role in inducing larval settlement.  J. of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology, 354:182-191.

Stewart, M., Soonklang, N., Stewart, P., Hanna, P., Wanichanon, C., Paratt, A., Duan, W. and Sobhon, P. 2007 Histological studies of the ovaries of two tropical portunid crabs, Portunus pelagicus (L.) and Scylla serrata (F.).  Invertebrate Reproduction and Development, 50: 2, 85-97.

Anuracpreeda, P., Wanichanon, C., Chaithirayanon, K., Preyavichyapugdee, N. and Sobhon, P. 2006 Distribution of 28.5 kDa Antigen in the Tegument of Adult Fasciola gigantica. Acta Tropica 100: 31-40. (Top 25 most read articles, Oct-Dec 2006)

Suphamungmee, W., Apisawetakan, S., Weerachatiyanukul, W., Wanichanon, C., Sretarugsa, P., Poomtong, T. and Sobhon, P. 2005 Basic nuclear protein pattern and chromatin condensation in the male germ cells of a tropical abalone, Haliotis asinina. Molecular Reproduction and Development 70:211-221.

Wanichanon, C., Laimek, P., Linthong, V., Sretarugsa, P., Kruatrachue, M., Upahtam, E.S., Poomtong, T. and Sobhon, P. 2004 Histology of hypobranchial gland and gill of Haliotis asinina Linnaeus. Jourinal of Shellfish Research 23: 1107-1112.

Wanichanon, C., Laimek, P., Chitchulanon, N., Suphamungmee, W., Apisawetakan, S., Linthong, V., Sretarugsa, P., Kruatrachue, M., Upatham, E.S., Poomtong, T. and Sobhon, P. 2004 Sensory receptors on cephalic and epipodial tentacles of Haliotis asinina Linnaeus. Journal of Shellfish Research 23:1097-1106.

Monochantr, S., Sretarugsa, P., Wanichanon, C., Chavadej, J. and Sobhon, P. 2003 Classification of spermatogenic cells in Rana tigerina based on ultrastructure. ScienceAsia 29(3):247-260.

Khawsuk, W., Soonklang, N., Grams, R., Vichasri-Grams, S., Wanichanon, C., Meepool, A., Chaitheerayanon, K., Ardseungneon, P., Viyanant, V., Upatham, E.S. and Sobhon, P. 2002 Production and characterization of a monoclonal antibody against recombinant glutathione-S-transferase (GST) of Fasciola gigantica. Asia Pacific Journal of Allergy and Immunology 20:257-266.

Chaitheerayanon, K., Ardseungneon, P., Wanichanon, C., Vichasri-Grams, S., Grams, R., Viyanant, V., Upatham, E.S. and Sobhon, P. 2002 Production and characterization of monoclonal antibody against 28.5 kD tegumental antigen of Fasciola gigantica. Acta Tropica, 84:1-8.

Kruatrachue, M., Laimaek, P., Wanichanon, C., Linthong, V., Sretarugsa, P., Upatham, E.S. and Sobhon., P. 2002 Development of the nerve ganglia of ablaone, Haliotis asinina Linnaeus. Journal of Shellfish Research, 21:173-183.






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