International Graduate Programs

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Master of Science Programme in Anatomy and Structural Biology
(International Programme)

Revised version year 2010

  Master of Science Programme in Anatomy and Structural Biology (International Programme)
  Full name  :  Master of Science (Anatomy and Structural Biology)
  Abbreviation : M.Sc. (Anatomy and Structural Biology)
  - The candidate must hold Bachelor of Science or any equivalent degree with GPA not less than 2.50 out of 4
  - Any exceptions to the above-mentioned requirements may be made by Programme Committee and
  approved by Dean of Faculty of Graduate Studies.
  Selection will be done by examination and interview, based on consideration of the candidate’s qualifications
  and experience by Administrative Programme Committee, subjected to approval by Dean of the Faculty
  of Graduate Studies.
  The duration of study must take no less than 2 academic years and no more than 5 academic years.
  - Students must register as full time students.
  - Students must enroll no more than 15 credits per regular semester, and in a minimum of 3 credits and
  a maximum of 6 credits per summer semester.
  7.1 Evaluation
    Student evaluation is in accordance with the rules and regulations of Mahidol University.
   7.2 Graduation Requirements
    -A student must take no less than 24 credits of course work and 12 credits of research thesis,
    so that total credits are not less than 36 credits.
    - A student must obtain GPA not less than 3.00.
    - Pass English Proficiency Examination with a TOEFL score equal to or more than 500 or other
    Englishtest with equivalent level.
    - Complete the thesis and pass oral required for graduation according to regulations of Faculty of
    Graduate Studies, Mahidol University.
    - Have at least one published or in press from the research work in a scientific proceeding, or at least
    having a  presentation in either the international or local conferences.
  Required courses                                      19      credits
  Elective courses not less than                     5        credits
  Thesis (in the following research areas)       12       credits
  Total                    36       credits