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Year 2014

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Miss Piyachat Chansela
Congratulations to Ms. Piyachat Chansela :
Graduate Thesis Publication Awards For Graduate
Students, Academic Year 2013
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Mr.Atthaboon Watthammawut
Best Poster Presentation Award , The 2 nd ASEAN Plus Three Graduate Research Congress,
“ Morphological and biological characterizations of the acrosome-like structure in sperm and the process
of the sperm-egg interactions in the giant freshwater prawn,
macrobrachium rosenbergii."
Mr.Atthaboon Watthammawut
"Olympus Bioimaging Competition2014"

2nd Place winner : Mr.Atthaboon Watthammawut
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Mr.Tawut Rudthanatip 
"Olympus Bioimaging Competition2014"

4th Place winner : Mr.Tawut Rudthanatip 
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Mr. Tawut Rudtanatip

Best poster awords ,the 37 th Annual Conferenceof anatomy association of thailand 2014.
“ Sufated Galactans from Gracilaria fisheri Targets Shrimp Haemocyte Membrane Proteins."
Advisor : Kanokpan Wongprasert
(Associate Professor Dr.)

Mr.Chaittipong Tipbunjong
Best poster awords ,the 3rd International conference on Medical Chemistry & Computer Aided Drug Designing, San Francisco, USA.
" A natural diarylheptanoid enhances mouse myoblast differentiation via estrogen receptor alpha and Akt, p38 MAPK"
Advisor : Yindee Kittiyanant ( Professor Dr.)