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Name : Kulathida Chaithirayanon
Kulathida Chaithirayanon
Title : Associate Professor Dr.
Education : Ph.D. (Mahidol University)
Expertise : The main interest of our ongoing research is to gain an
    in-depth understanding of molecular mechanisms of
    underlying tumor, especially in glioma. Our group aim to
    investigate the signaling molecules involved in glioma  
    proliferation, vascularization and invasiveness. We are also  
    interested in examining the effect of potential herbs or  
    compound molecules lead to decreased tumor growth.  
    In addition, my research areas focus on molecular biology  
    of diseases including cancer and infectious diseases.  
    Aspects of my research interest include: (i) identification  
    and characterization  of genes/proteins which might play  
    important role(s) in different diseases (ii) study of  
    multidrug resistance mechanisms in cancers and infectious  
    diseases, (iii) development of practical applications  
     including the identification and characterization of drug  
    targets, proteins for diagnosis and prognosis.  
Contact Address : Department : Anatomy  
  Room : AN109  
  Phone : (66 2) 201 5428  
  E-Mail :