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Cooperative Research Station in Southeast Asia (CRS)
International Center for Biotechnology, Osaka University


The International Center for Biotechnology (ICBiotech), Osaka University, is dedicated to promote international cooperation among Asian countries in the aspect of research and education in the field of Biotechnology. Since the establishment of ICBiotech in 1978, ICBiotech has built up extensive experience in the international collaboration on science and education, particularly with Southeast Asian countries. In addition, UNESCO International Post-graduate Course in Microbiology, a one-year training course conducted by ICBiotech with the cooperation of major Japanese universities (Osaka University, Tohoku University, Tokyo University, Kyoto University, and Kyushu University), has trained 311 researchers from various Asian countries since 1973. ICBiotech also carried out Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) core university program in the field of Biotechnology under the strong partnership with Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, and Malaysia since 1978. Mahidol University is the core university in Thailand under the JSPS core university program since 1985 until present.

Foundation of CRS

ICBiotech carries out an array of scientific cooperative programs and initiatives according to its belief that scientific research is essentially international cooperation. In 2001, Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) has launched A Policy for the Structural Reform of National Universities. Through this new system, ICBiotech with the supportive agreement from Osaka University has set up its first branch office namely Cooperative Research Station in Southeast Asia (CRS) at Mahidol University, with officially opening on December 23, 2002.


CRS of ICBiotech has been launched at Mahidol University for further promoting international activities of ICBiotech and other institutions in Osaka University, not only with Thailand, but also with other Southeast Asian countries. CRS has been well-equipped with modern instruments donated by Osaka University for studies on Molecular Biology and Biotechnology. Mahidol University providers space, basic facilities and utilities to support the establishment and maintenance of the station. CRS will contribute actively to the advancement of science in Southeast Asia by acting as the research/education station for the cooperative research in Biotechnology among Japanese and Southeast Asian scientists. CRS also cooperates for the cyber education between Osaka University and universities in Thailand and also functions as administrative office of Osaka University in Asia. CRS will recruit and support talent researchers who have the ability to do research at high standard as well as those who have the potential to contribute to the advancement of science in the future. In addition, CRS will also act as the center for communication network among Osaka University alumni from Southeast Asia.

Cooperative Research Station in Southeast Asia
International Center for Biotechnology, Osaka University
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