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Center of Calcium and Bone Research (COCAB)

Website: http://www.cocab.mahidol.ac.th


Our interdisciplinary research focuses on study of calcium metabolism in health and disease, from the whole body level to molecular level in three major organs, that is, intestine, bone and mammary gland. We study the cellular and molecular mechanisms of the intestinal calcium transport, mammary calcium transport and regulation of bone remodeling by using in vivo and in vitro techniques to cover various levels of organization from whole body, organ, tissue, cellular, and molecular level. By using an interdisciplinary approach, we investigate the biophysical and physiological characteristics of calcium transport in the intestinal epithelium in certain conditions such as pregnancy and lactation. We also investigate the effects of exercise on calcium absorption and gene expression of calcium transporters and tight junction-associated proteins that are important regulators of the paracellular transport of calcium.
We also study some medical conditions that result in deranged calcium metabolism in Thai patients such as chronic metabolic acidosis (CMA) and postmenopausal osteoporosis and how intestinal calcium transport mechanism and bone remodeling are altered is these conditions.

Head of the Center :

Prof. Nateetip Krishnamra, Ph.D.

Research Area/ Research Interest :

1. Prolactin : its role as a calcium regulating hormone
2. Prolactin and electrolyte transport in the endometrium
3. Signal transduction pathways of prolactin
4. Cellular and molecular mechanism of the intestinal calcium absorption and possible role of claudins in the paracellular calcium transport
5. Disorders of calcium and bone metabolism in metabolic bone diseases
6. How nonimpact exercise affect calcium absorption and bone remodeling
7. How brain controls bone
8. Use of Atomic Force Microscopy and Nanoindentation in the study of physical and mechanical properties of bone



Center of Calcium and Bone Research (COCAB)
Room Pr. 405, Pr. Building
Faculty of Science, Mahidol University
Rama 6 Road, Bangkok 10400 Thailand
Tel : +66 2201-5629 Fax : +66 2354-7154

E-mail : nateetip.kri@mahidol.ac.th
Website: http://www.cocab.mahidol.ac.th