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Centers of Excellence (CoE)

1. Center for Shrimp Molecular Biology and Biotechnology (Centex Shrimp)
2. Center for Excellence in Protein and Enzyme Technology (CPET)
3. Center for Vectors and Vector-Borne Diseases (CVVD)
4. Rubber Technology Research Centre (RTEC)
5. Center for Emerging Bacterial Infections (EBI)
6. Center of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology
7. Center for Neuroscience (CNS)
8. Center for Sustainable Energy and Green Materials
9. Center for Surface Science & Engineering (SSE)
10. Center of Calcium and Bone Research (COCAB)
11. Center for Catalysis
12. Center of Nanoimaging
13. Mahidol University Center of Scientific Computing
14. Excellent Center for Drug Discovery (ECDD)


International Collaborative Research Center

1. Mahidol University and Osaka University Collaborative Research Center for Bioscience and Biotechnology (MU-OU:CRC)

Cooperative Research Station in Southeast Asia (OU:CRS) International Center for Biotechnology, Osaka University
2. L'Institut de recherche pour le développement (IRD)/Mahidol Collaborative Research for Vector-borne and Emerging Infectious Diseases
3. Integrative Computational BioScience Center (ICBS)
4. CRU on Quantum Information
5. Mahidol-Olympus Bioimaging Center


Private Collaborative Research Center

1. Global Innovation Incubator (GII) cooperate with TUF


National Centers of Excellence

Faculty of Science, Mahidol University, as the lead university, has held 4 out of 9 Centers of Excellence at the national level under the higher education development projects (2006-2009) called the Science and Technology Postgraduate Education and Research Development Office (PERDO), Commission on Higher Education, Ministry of Education. THAILAND.

Mahidol University (Faculty of Science) : as the Lead university

1. Center of Excellence for Innovation in Chemistry (PERCH-CIC)
2. Center of Excellence on Environmental Health and Toxicology (EHT)
3. Centre of Excellence in Mathematics (CEM) 


We also play very active roles in the other 2 Centers of Excellence

1. Thailand Center of Excellence in Physics
(Chiang Mai University, as the lead university)
2. Center for Agricultural Biotechnology (CAB)
(Kasetsart University, as the lead university)


Hornbill Research Foundation


c/o Department of Microbiology
Faculty of Science, Mahidol University
Rama 6 Rd, Bangkok 10400
Tel : 662 201 5532 ,
Fax : 662 644 5411
E-Mail : pilai.poo@mahidol.ac.th
(Prof. Pilai Poonswad)

The Hornbill Research Foundation was set up following a project initiating research into the ecology of hornbills by the Faculty of Science, Mahidol University in 1980.

The study was begun in Khao Yai National Park and later expended to include forests in western and sounthern regions. Apart from the biology and ecology of hornbills, research was also made into their range and status throughout the country. As a result, an increasing number of research workers were needed to cope with the expansion of project and the maintenance of uninterrupted record-keeping.

This led to the creation of a foundation which H.R.H. Princess Mahachakri Sirinthorn was graciously pleased to name, and "The Hornbill Research Foundation" was set up in July 1993.


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