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1.   Are Mahidol University international programs taught in English?
2.   Who is responsible for international programs?
3.   Where can I get information about international programs, admission requirements, application forms and related materials and information?
4.   I have a previous degree and/or I'm interested in a specific academic field(s). Does Mahidol University have an international program in my field(s) or a related field
5.   What are the English language requirements for admission to an international program?
6.   What are the general admission requirements for international programs?
7.   What is the admissions process for international programs?
8.   How do I transfer from another university to Mahidol University?
9.   What are the tuition and fee costs for international programs?
10.   Am I eligible for financial assistance such as scholarships or loans?
11.   What kind of visa do I need and how do I get it?
12.   When does the academic year begin?
13.   On what campus are international programs held?
14.   Is student accommodation available?
15.   I would like to work/teach at Mahidol University. Do you have any openings?

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