Flavin Symposium 2014

Announcement (July 7, 2014)


Talk preparation

Speakers must finish their talks according to the time allocation. The meeting room will be open for uploading and testing files from 7:30-8:30 am and from 2:00-2:30 pm. PC and Mac notebooks will be available for presentation.

30-min Talk: Presentation 25 min; Discussion 5 min
15-min Talk: Presentation 12 min; Discussion 3 min
10-min Talk: Presentation 8 min; Discussion 2 min

Poster presentation

The poster board size is 1 m (w) x 2 m (H). The maximum size of poster should be 90 cm x 120 cm in portrait style.

Poster set-up
Poster presenters will find their poster numbers in the abstract book.
A poster number will be displayed on top of the board. Please do NOT remove the number.
Attachment tools will be provided at the poster room.

Poster Display
Boards will be available for setting up on July 27 (2:30 pm) till July 31 (2:30 pm). All posters should be displayed throughout this period.

* Speakers who will use your own Mac notebooks, to be convenience please bring your own adapter for your notebooks and LCD projector