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Dr. Tienthong Thongpanchang
Thailand Young Scientist Award Year 2004

Dr. Thongpanchang's research focuses on the development of new synthetic methodologies geared towards compounds with special properties. By employing nucleophilic addition to keto tautomers of phenols, a variety of arylsulfides can, in a straightforward manner, be prepared in bulk quantities. In addition, the procedure is applicable to the preparation of aryldioxins, aryldithiins and helical conjugated molecules (helicenes). These molecules are promising candidates in the development of new electro-and optochemical materials.

Dr. Thongpanchang also directs research in the area of structure-property relationslhip, specifically the establishment of the relationship between the conformation of chemical bonding and the properties of the molecules, especially in the resolution process. The findings not only lead to an efficient resolution procedure but also provide a straightforward method for the determinatioin of absolute configuration as well as a new protocol for the design of new asymmetric reactions. Apart from his research activities, Dr. Thongpanchang is enthusiated in sharing his chemistry experiences with young students. He is an active key member of the chemistry demonstration program known as "Chemistry is Fun", led by Professor Dr. Yodhathai Thebtaranonth.

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