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Recipient of 'L'Oréal's Special Science Recognition in Sustainable Development', marking the group's 100th anniversary

L’Oréal Thailand announces recipient of ‘L’Oréal’s Special Science Recognition in Sustainable Development’, marking the group’s 100th anniversary

The special recognition honours senior Thai female scientist who devotes her research work for the better health of Thais and social sustainable development

Bangkok, 22 July 2009 -- L’Oréal Thailand today announced the recipient of ‘L’Oréal’s Special Science Recognition in Sustainable Development’, an activity to honour senior Thai female scientist whose research has yielded sustainable benefits for Thai people and society as a whole, as part of the company’s 100th Anniversary celebration. The Thai senior female scientist being recognised is Professor Dr Nateetip Krishnamra, the head of the Consortium for Calcium and Bone Research (COCAB) at the Faculty of Science, Mahidol University, the first research group on calcium and bone in Thailand. Professor Dr Nateetip has devoted 30 years to a multidisciplinary research approach into calcium and bone metabolism. The COCAB focuses on integrated calcium and bone metabolism, leading to further applications for the optimum benefits of Thailand’s medical and public health society, the diagnosis and treatment of metabolic bone disorders in particular, which are rapidly increasing and posing a health threat to Thais as well as posing socio-economic impacts.

Additionally, Professor Dr Nateetip also leads the research team that has discovered new information on the mechanism of ‘calcium transport proteins’ and ‘prolactin’, a protein hormone generally recognised for its milk-producing action, which plays a vital role in controlling the calcium balance of lactating females and infants. This new understanding will effectively help reduce osteopenia (thin bone) in lactating females, resulting in benefits to women globally.

Sduppin Kamnuanthip, Corporate Communication and Public Relations Director, L'Oréal Thailand discussing the background of L’Oréal’s Special Science Recognition in Sustainable Development said, “To commemorate 100 years of France-based L’Oréal headquarters, L'Oréal Thailand takes this opportunity to honour capable Thai female scientists with outstanding social contribution in a sustainable way. As approximately 55 per cent of the 3,000 L’Oréal researchers are female, the company has therefore been committed to supporting female scientists. The programme is also in line with the original vision of L’Oréal. The company was founded by an inspirational scientist who strongly believed that science and technology would bring about happier and healthier lives. As a beauty company, every year L’Oréal spends 600 million euros (around Baht 30,000 million) on research, including the development of patented Pro-Xylane™, a naturally-derived anti-ageing molecule born under green chemistry criteria.”


“In addition to this special science recognition programme, L’Oréal has continually provided support as well as recognising Thai female scientists through a research fellowship programme ‘For Women in Science’ which has been held for seven consecutive years to honour promising Thai female researchers aged between 25-40 years who are leading an on-going research project.” “Meanwhile, the “L’Oréal’s Special Science Recognition in Sustainable Development” is a different programme, specifically created for this year which is the year L’Oréal group turns 100, as to honour senior Thai female scientists aged over 40 years, with completed research project published in scientific journals, and whose work has yielded sustainable benefits to the public.”

Dr Kopr Kritayakirana, Honorable Chairman, L’Oréal’s Special Science Recognition in Sustainable Development committee said, “Scientists play a prominent role in education, research and development leading towards the country’s sustainable development, especially in developing countries such as Thailand. And L’Oréal’s Special Science Recognition in Sustainable Development programme is truly a valuable project to help encourage our dedicated scientists. This move will help inspire and stimulate scientists of the new generation to use their scientific knowledge in a socially responsible way.”

For this, we look at projects which will be able improve both well-being and quality of life for society for today and tomorrow. The shortlist projects are from various fields such as the breeding of commodity animals, reduction in the use of plastic by the development of recycled environmental friendly material and alternative fuel.

The judging committee is proud to give this special recognition to Professor Dr Nateetip both for the excellence of her research work, for the benefits her discoveries will bring to the population, and for the strong and sustainable team of scientific researchers she has created, who will bring the study to another level of understanding and discoveries in the future.” said Dr Kopr Kritayakirana.

Professor Dr Nateetip Krishnamra, the recipient of the L’Oréal’s Special Science Recognition in Sustainable Development said “Along with my career in scientific research for more than 30 years, I am well aware of how Thai society will benefit from our research programme. No matter what research we conduct, we should have public and social responsibility in mind from the start. Apart from my personal drive to study metabolism of calcium and bones comprehensively I was motivated by the lack of such a study in Thailand. More importantly, my involvement in developing qualified dedicated medical researchers helps support the sustainability for Thai society as a whole.

“The starting point of my research on calcium and bone came from my mentor, Professor Dr. Liangchai Limlomwongse who suggested me to read research articles about this particular area of study which further motivated me to pursue more knowledge about human calcium absorption mechanism, a process influenced by a variety of factors including age and gender.”

Professor Dr Nateetip Krishnamra is currently head of COCAB research group and a lecturer in the Department of Physiology, Faculty of Science, Mahidol University. Her research work was published in international journals and her achievements have been recognised with a number of prestigious scientific awards, including a Ph.D. student award from the Professor Tab Nilanithi Foundation in 1977, the Faculty of Science's Best Teacher Award in 2002 and TRF Senior Research Scholar for the Year 2004 and 2007.

With regard to future research, Professor Dr Nateetip Krishnamra and COCAB research group plan to conduct a vertical study on factors that allow the human body to absorb more than 30 per cent of calcium consumed, expected to yield considerable health benefits to Thai people’s health and reduce the over spending on expensive calcium supplements.

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