Mahidol University

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International Cooperation Division

Thailand International Cooperation Agency (TICA) Fellowship

The Faculty of Science, Mahidol University (MUSC) has committed itself to providing the best education and performing the best research in Thailand and region to become a leading and internationalized faculty. Our goal is also to transfer knowledge and appropriate technology to the public for the benefit of sustainable development of every community and all mankind.

To cope with the recent education challenge and to pursue this commitment, the Faculty of Science, Mahidol University as a leading science and technology education faculty of Thailand, in conjunction with the Thailand International Development Cooperation Agency (TICA), Ministry of Foreign Affairs, under the Royal Thai Government policy on its annual international cooperation scheme, have jointly play a key role in providing an education opportunity to develop human resource in the region, particularly for the countries that human resource in science and technology are still fundamentally needed to move forward. This collaboration opportunity is offered in terms of education scholarship, training, study visit, voluntary consultant and etc.

For education opportunity, The Thailand International Development Cooperation Agency (TICA), Ministry of Foreign Affairs, has established to implement Thailand’s development cooperation programs, the one of its focus is human resource development in education. MUSC and TICA has cooperated since 2015 - to provide opportunities for awardees from Bhutan and other developing countries such as Myanmar and Guinea, to enhance their current technical and administrative skills, to observe Thailand’s expertise in the area of their interests and to enable them to apply the experiences that fit to their countries’ development. The program also aims to strengthen networks among fellows for closer and further cooperation in the common fields of interest.

Currently, MUSC offers 8 Master Degree programs for the awardees, consisting of Applied Mathematics, Biochemistry, Chemistry, Environmental Biology, Forensic Science, Materials Science & Engineering, Microbiology, and Toxicology. There were over 20 awardees have completed their postgraduate degrees in science and technology while, there are 18 awardees are still recently going on for their studies.

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