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MUSC Scholarship for Human Resource Development in Science & Technology in the Remembrance of Late King Rama IX of Thailand

The Faculty of Science, Mahidol University (MUSC), Bangkok foresees a significant opportunity to strengthen human resource development in science and technology, particularly for holistic higher education studies and long-term capacity building in sciences. The Faculty of Science provides its high quality standard in basic & applied sciences, such as life science, biomedical sciences, material sciences and other multidisciplinary fields of expertise in both physical and biological sciences.

Faculty of Science, has been serving the country - producing graduates in science and technology to cope the country’s rapid changes and dynamic developments for over 60 years. This also was encouraged by Thai Royal Family, especially the late King Rama IX who has made an extraordinary contribution to human development. As the world’s ‘Development King, has reached out to the poorest and the most vulnerable people of Thailand – regardless of their status, ethnicity or religion. UNDP therefore, presented the “Human Development Lifetime Achievement Award” in recognition of the global relevance of his call for a sufficiency approach to development, presented by United Nations Development Programme on 26 May 2006. (United Nation: 2006).

In the remembrance of Thailand’s late King Bhumibol Adulyadej who passed away at the age of 88, on 13 October 2016, the great King who outstandingly ruled Thailand go further in terms of science and technology to improve a better quality of life especially for people in agricultural sector - a major population the country, the Faculty of Science, Mahidol University therefore, launches the “MUSC Scholarship for Human Resource Development in Science & Technology in the Remembrance of Late King Rama IX of Thailand” as a memorial science and technology initiative project in human resource development serving a true determination of King Bhumibol the great.

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